Missing is also a kind of happiness

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Author:Qiu Yan

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hiding in a given time Here, I miss the palm prints of a period of time.

Someone misses it, which is also a kind of happiness.

The girl named Rui in the memory was taciturn, and her voice was very small when answering questions in the class, so small that I had to stand in front of her every time to help her repeat it, but her block letters The writing is dignified and delicate, and the composition is also flowing. For this reason, I often praise her and encourage her. Her language performance has always been among the best. The science is a little weaker. Every time I write the final quality assessment, I don’t forget to add a sentence, the science is a little weaker, so strengthen the practice!

In a blink of an eye, the girl also successfully entered the county’s high school and performed better than usual. On the National Day summer vacation after school started, the girl came to my house on vacation, still speaking quietly as always, I asked one question and she answered, and we both had a chat, and her mother came and said loudly:”Didn’t you say you missed your teacher? Why don’t you talk to the teacher!” The girl hurriedly lowered her head, blushing. She seemed to be embarrassed when she saw her mother say what she was saying in her heart. I dared to continue talking, don’t worry about the teacher. I am not a head teacher now, so I am not angry! I know she will worry about this.

Lovely child, he didn’t say that word when he left. She walked out of the courtyard step by step, like a child attached to her mother.

That’s how I simply miss it, even if I can’t speak. Isn’t it a kind of happiness to be missed?

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Hiding in a certain place, missing someone standing Road, also standing on the way, the person I care about.

Often, I also think of my friends in the past and a certain scene between us, just like silent films continuously superimposed and reproduced.

She is a bunch of warm winter sun in my life. I will never forget that dark and sad night. I walked alone on the street. I passed the restaurant on the corner. Very bright lights and noisy cars, I walked lonely, and she glanced at my silhouette at a glance. At the right time, she eagerly called my name, Goose, it’s so dark, where are you going? I was at a loss, choked up and answered, not where I want to go, I want to go to my mother’s house. She saw that I was leaving with my family in anger and didn’t ask much, but enthusiastically pulled me to the restaurant to eat with them, kept adding vegetables to me, and said some distressed and comforting words, and finished the meal. He sent me home again, and gave me some comfort.

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She always It can persuade others softly and heal the scars in people’s hearts. She is a gentle and tolerant woman who treats others sincerely and generously, with a kind heart. She is tall, beautiful and skilled in cooking. Every time she goes to her house, she always cooks a lot of delicious dishes with ingenuity, which is better than the taste in the restaurant. it is good. I really can’t think of any shortcomings in her. If there are shortcomings, then she is so good that I still miss her from time to time.

I miss her, with short hair brushing the gentle profile of my face; miss her, when I first arrived in the city sitting on a hillside and call me; miss her whispering to me and chatting with me, I miss her love for me like a mother and friend, and miss us even if we meet again for a long time, there is still no barriers.

I still don’t know how she saw me that night. She only said that she felt like you when she saw a figure and called your name subconsciously. In the dark solitude, that voice was particularly clear and striking.

People who have warmed their hearts will remember them all their lives.

When I miss her, my world is warm, and my heart is peaceful and happy. Kind people always bring comfort to the soul.

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Someone missed , Just like the gentle mountain breeze blowing through the heart, refreshing and pleasant, this kind of happiness is continuous, long, and faint.

Missing Yiren is like looking at the moon with deep eyes, quiet and far away. This kind of happiness is sour, sweet, and long-lasting.

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