Not just losing your sense of smell! Strange symptoms in British coronavirus patients

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Source:Global Times New Media

According to a report by the Independent on the 27th, researchers said that with the infection Patients with new crown virus have more unusual symptoms. For long-term patients with new crown virus are troubled by”unbearable” smells such as fishy and burnt smells. They cannot smell normal smells.

Professor Nirmal Kumar, an otolaryngologist, said that this”inverted sense of smell” symptom is very strange and unique, and it seems to be affecting young people, especially medical staff.

Professor Kumar is also the chairman of the British Otolaryngology Association. He was among the first group in March to reverse the sense of smell, which means Loss is one of the medical scientists who is an indicator of the new coronavirus. After treating and studying patients who had long-term loss of smell, Professor Kumar noticed that some people suffered from loss of smell after recovery. Long-term symptoms of anosmia affect thousands of people in the UK.

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Professor Kumar said:”This morning, I saw two patients with anosmia. One of them said that they smelled fish, but not any other smell, and the other could be around If there is no smoke, they can smell burnt. They are all medical staff. We think that the infection rate of young people and medical staff are both On the rise, medical staff are often exposed to the virus in the hospital. For some people, (loss of smell) really annoys them. We call it nervous Sex virus, which means that the virus is affecting the nerves at the top of the nose, which is like an impact on your nervous system, and the nerves cannot work properly.”

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24 years old living in London Bank staff Daniel Saveski (Daniel Saveski) said that after contracting the new crown virus in March, he lost two weeks I have lost my sense of taste and smell, and have been suffering from”inversion of smell” ever since. The patient also said that he now feels a burnt, sulfur-like smell, or a”toast-like” smell for something like a trash can. He said:”It reduces my enjoyment of food, and it makes me a little depressed not to smell certain foods.”

Ms. Corbett from Selsey, Sussex Said:”From March to the end of May, I couldn’t taste anything. To be honest, I felt that I could even bite a raw onion, and all my tastes were gone. Since June, my sense of smell began to recover, but the smell It doesn’t taste much. Most things smell disgusting. This disgusting sweetness is hard to describe because I’ve never smelled it before.” Corbett said, even though it was in March I was a”coffee addict” before, but now the smell of this drink is”unbearable” like beer and gasoline. I don’t know if I will return to the way I was before. I’m fine. I just think I’m lucky. I got the new crown but I didn’t get the serious illness, hospitalization or death like many people.

Reported that absent, a charity that provides help to patients with olfactory disorders, is working with the British Otolaryngology Department and the British Rhinology Association to collect information from thousands of patients with anosmia and amnesia to help Develop treatment methods. The agency recommends”olfactory training”. For those who want to restore their sense of smell, it is recommended to smell the aroma of rose, lemon, clove and eucalyptus oil for about 20 seconds a day.