Pan Yue: Zhang Jian’s spirit has important inspiration for Chinese entrepreneurs

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China News Service, Beijing, December 12 (Reporter Wang Enbo) The 4th “The Significance of Zhang Jian’s Spirit” Forum was held in Beijing on the 12th. Pan Yue, vice minister of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee, director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, and first vice president of the Central Institute of Socialism, said in his speech that the spirit of Zhang Jian has important enlightenment for today’s Chinese entrepreneurs. “Chinese entrepreneurs should advance and retreat with the country. Sharing prosperity and disgrace, sharing the same breath, sharing the fate.”

Pan Yue said that Zhang Jian’s spirit is a concentrated expression of Chinese business ethics. It is a fusion of family and country feelings and economic rationality. It is in justice and profit, public and private, and family. The business ethics reshaped with the country is an open character that is deeply influenced by traditional Chinese culture but has a global perspective.

He pointed out that Zhang Jian’s spirit has four important inspirations for today’s Chinese entrepreneurs.

First, we must build a strong sense of family and country. No matter how the capital flows globally, no matter how the business map transcends the traditional national boundaries, everyone will eventually have their own country, and the foundation of the enterprise will ultimately be rooted in the motherland, and ultimately, its own destiny must be integrated into the great process of national rejuvenation.

The second is to focus on the real economy. Chinese entrepreneurs must strengthen their belief in rejuvenating the country through industry and industry, continue to empower and upgrade the real economy and traditional industries, and continue to promote the deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy.

The third is to persist in open innovation. Faced with the requirements of innovation-driven development strategy and the passive situation where key technologies are controlled by others, entrepreneurs must work hard and have an open vision; they must not only track the technological trend, but also dare to achieve innovation in no man’s land; Locally, to promote the sustainable development of local economy and industry, but also to take advantage of the world, to contribute the wisdom of Chinese entrepreneurs to promote the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind.

Fourth is to bravely shoulder social responsibilities. Facing the differentiation of class structure, we must participate in the construction of a harmonious economic governance order and labor relations; in the face of differences between the rich and the poor and social problems, we must devote ourselves to charity and support the bottom line of society; in the face of the reality of unbalanced and insufficient development, we must be conscious Promote green development and help implement the national strategy of regional economic integration; in the face of the modernization of national governance, we must participate in the construction of a social governance community and write “social responsibility” on the Chinese land and the world stage. (End)