Perfect double standard

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After the mutation of the new crown virus appeared in the UK, the World Health Organization (WHO) listed the place of origin as the UK, and many mainstream media have also quoted relevant remarks. But this makes Roger Helmer, a member of the UK’s right-wing Independent Party (UKIP), a member of the European Parliament, unable to sit still.

In a tweet on December 28, he asked the outside world not to call the mutated new coronavirus “originated in the United Kingdom” but only “discovered in the United Kingdom.” However, this tweet completely “turned over.” A large number of netizens dug up Helmer’s comments that slandered the new crown virus as a “Chinese virus” in the comments, accusing him of deducting “very standard double standards.”

Perfect double standard

Helmer A tweet on the 28th said not to call the virus variants “originated in the United Kingdom”, but the following figure released in April claimed that the virus “originated in China, it is a Chinese virus.”

Helmer wrote on Twitter on the 28th: ​​”Can we stop calling the mutated new coronavirus’originated in the UK’? It (the virus) was only found in the UK. This (and the UK The origin) are completely different things.”

Unexpectedly, this comment completely “turned over.” Helmer is a member of the British Independence Party. His political stance is conservative. He criticizes the British National Health Service (NHS) and denies the EU’s climate policy. In the past year, he has repeatedly slandered the new crown virus as a “Chinese virus” and has also forwarded Trump’s related videos.

A large number of netizens dug up Helmer’s remarks under his tweet. For example, as early as March 17, Helmer declared in a tweet: “Under obviously unreasonable circumstances, using the word’racism’ will make it meaningless.’Chinese virus’ and’Spanish flu’ The same is not racism. Just like Indian corn, or French cheese, or Chilean wine. It just refers to the country of origin.”

Perfect double standard(1)

In April, Helmer retweeted a tweet about Trump’s use of the “Chinese virus”, and quibblely stated: “It originated in China, it is a Chinese virus.”

Perfect double standard(2)

On June 24, Helmer reposted a video calling “Kung Fu Virus” at the Trump rally, and commented: “Chinese food, Indian food, Korean kimchi or German sauerkraut is Is racial discrimination? So, why is the’China virus’ (is it)?”

Perfect double standard(3)

Remarks such as these are in stark contrast with Helmer’s remarks about the mutant new crown virus, which has also led many netizens to turn on “sarcasm mode” on his Twitter .

A netizen pulled out Helmer’s comment on “The origin of China is the Chinese virus” and commented: “This is you?” This comment received 2,588 likes, the highest of all comments .

Perfect double standard(4)

Another name Netizens then said: “As long as you apologize to Spain for the’Spanish flu’.” Helmer also used the “Spanish flu” to quibble for the “Chinese flu”.

Perfect double standard(5)

One more Netizens said in comparison: “Scientists agree that the new crown virus originated from bats and mutated to spread to humans. After the Chinese discovered that it was a new virus, they immediately took action. The unrestricted spread of the new crown virus in the British population led to the mutant new crown. Virus (VUI/202012/01), the Conservative Party waited 3 months before notifying the WHO.”

Perfect double standard(6)

Many netizens pointed out Helmer’s double label. “Mr. Member, you call this (new crown virus) the’Chinese virus’, why not call it the British virus?”

Perfect double standard(7)

“Very standard double standards.”

Perfect double standard(8)

“Are there any hypocrites who are more hypocritical than Helmer?”

Perfect double standard(9)

The name of the mutant new coronavirus in the UK is VUI- On December 1, 2020, Prime Minister Boris Johnson once stated that the spread of the mutant virus has increased by 70%. Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the mutant virus was the cause of the surge in cases in the southeast of the UK. The chief scientific adviser to the British government, Patrick Vallance, said that this new variant is believed to have appeared in the UK in mid-September. By December, more than 60% of infections in London were caused by this virus.

On December 20th, Maria Van Kerkhove, the technical director of the WHO emergency project, was asked in an interview whether the mutated virus originated or evolved in southeast England Question, she replied: “Yes. Judging from the information shared by the UK and us, it is either in the southeast of the UK or in London. Yes.”

Perfect double standard(10)

On December 20, CNN quoted Kierkov as saying that from known information It can be seen that the mutated new coronavirus originated in southeast England.

The Public Health Department of the United Kingdom (PHE) said that after backtracking using genes, it was discovered that this variant appeared in the UK as early as September. After that, the spread remained at a very low level until mid-November.

“In late November, when the public health department was investigating why the infection rate in Kent (south-east of England) had fallen without lockdown, the surge in cases related to this new virus was first exposed. We subsequently discovered A cluster related to this mutation was established and quickly spread to London and Essex.”

But Sharon Peacock, professor of public health and microbiology at the University of Cambridge, said, Scientists do not know whether this mutation originated in southeast England or was introduced there from elsewhere.

On the 23rd local time, British Health Secretary Hancock claimed that the mutant virus found in South Africa was “more contagious.” However, the next day, South Africa’s Minister of Health, Zweli Mkhize, issued a statement to refute, accusing Hancock’s statement of “unfounded” and led to the view that “the South African mutant virus is the main cause of the second outbreak in the UK” .

According to the German newspaper Die Welt (Die Welt) on December 28, local time, a study by the Hannover Medical School (MHH) in Germany found that the hospital detected a sample from a previously deceased COVID-19 patient The “B117” virus variant, a mutated new coronavirus found in the UK, means that the virus may have existed in Germany in November.

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