The domestic first calendering method to prepare fluorescent glass

By yqqlm yqqlm

The reporter recently learned from the Baotou Rare Earth Research Institute that the new material R&D team of the institute uses rare earths as raw materials. The fluorescent glass was successfully prepared by the calendering method, and a high-power white LED sample lamp was prepared for the phosphor, which opened up a domestic precedent for this technology.

BaotouIntroduced by Shen Leijun, technical expert of the Institute of Rare Earth and leader of the functional material luminescence research group research team Has successfully developed white LED phosphors and blue-excited yellow and red fluorescent glasses with multiple material systems such as aluminate, silicate, tungstomolybdate, etc., and has made a patent layout for red fluorescent glass, forming 12 A patent pool of invention patents.

It is reported that rare earth luminescent materials have the characteristics of narrow emission band, high color purity, bright colors, strong light absorption capacity, high conversion efficiency, wide emission wavelength distribution area, and wide fluorescence lifetime. Physical and chemical Stable performance, high temperature resistance, can withstand the effects of high-power electron beams, high-energy radiation and strong light, and has excellent performance that other luminescent materials cannot match.

For this reason, the R&D team has continuously promoted the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. After completing technical breakthroughs, it has initially realized the preparation of garnet system-doped yellow fluorescent glass by calendering method, which is used as phosphor preparation The development of high-power white LED sample lamps has set a precedent for the large-scale preparation technology of fluorescent glass for high-power solid-state lighting. (Reporter Zhang Jingyang, correspondent Li Baole)

Source:Science and Technology Daily