The new Chinese Super League team Yatai ushered in”good news” in the new season, the Chinese Super League or will reduce the number of relegation places

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=709c69cf94d01fde106d1a06417d83d8 - The new Chinese Super League team Yatai ushered in"good news" in the new season, the Chinese Super League or will reduce the number of relegation places

On December 29, the Chinese Football Association held the 2021 season Chinese Super League schedule Communication meeting. On the 30th, a reporter from China’s Jilin Net learned from the participants that at this meeting, there was an inclination plan for the Chinese Super League competition system for the 2021 season. According to this inclination plan, in the next 2022 season, the Chinese Super League will expand to 18. Support, and the expansion plan will start in the 2021 season. In other words, the relegation system of the 2021 Super League and Chinese Premier League will undergo significant changes. The current trend plan is as follows:2021 The top two in the Chinese Premier League this season were directly promoted to the Super League; the 3rd and 4th places played against the penultimate and second-to-last in the Super League of the season for relegation play-offs. The two winners entered the 2022 Super League. In other words, the relegation quota for the Super League in the 2021 season is:0.5+0.5. If this preferential policy can finally be implemented, it will definitely be good news for Changchun Yatai, who has just been promoted to the Super League this year.

The reduction in the number of relegation places is to reduce the survival pressure of the teams

According to the previous assessment of the Chinese Football Association, many people in the industry generally believe that the 2022 season will achieve the expansion of the league. Not the best time. At the end of this year, the Chinese Football Association introduced a series of new policies, especially the Chinese Football Association’s request for neutralization of club names, which has caused many unstable factors in the third-tier league of Chinese football. At present, such clubs as Taizhou Yuanda and Shijiazhuang Yongchang are facing the dilemma of disbandment or migration.

However, in the view of the Chinese Football Association, the expansion of the 2022 season is not just the expansion of the Super League. Correspondingly, the Chinese League, The Chinese Second League will also complete the expansion, so this kind of action will help to reduce the pressure on the league teams at all levels. For example, the pressure for relegation in the Super League will be reduced, and the pressure on the middle and lower teams in the League will be greatly reduced. This kind of action, for some teams in the adjustment period, will get more space, will have a higher fault tolerance rate, and also allow them to make better adjustments and changes.

In addition, objectively speaking, the expansion of the army is also good news for investors, which will help alleviate the current survival dilemma of the club. After all, the subtext behind the army expansion is to allow more clubs to have time for self-adjustment, instead of spending more money on the relegation of the first team, but to devote more energy to youth training and the construction of the club itself.

In the new season, the Chinese Super League is expected to return to home and away games in some games

In terms of the schedule, the Chinese Football Association has actually planned to formulate a competition system for full 30 rounds. According to a reporter from China Jilin Net, in order to achieve this goal, the Chinese Football Association has designed a number of plans. At present, the football association’s more inclined plan is:the 2021 Super League is still divided into two groups, A and B, according to last year’s serpentine arrangement.

The first stage of the grouping will be a double loop competition, a total of 14 rounds. In the second stage, the top four in each group and the last four in the other group (B5 to B8, A5 to A8) are regrouped, and two groups are also reserved for a cross double cycle, that is, A1 only and B5-B8 for a double cycle , A total of 8 rounds. In the third stage, in the first stage, the top four (A1 to A4, B1 to B4) of the two groups are grouped together, and the last four (A5 to A8, B5 to B8) are grouped in a group, and the same is a crossover double cycle , A total of 8 rounds.

In the three stages, each team can compete with 15 other teams in a double round robin, and the match is exactly 30 rounds. The total points of the 30 rounds will be used as the final points of the Super League to determine the ranking. This competition system returns to the league’s regular season system to a certain extent.

In terms of the competition system, the 14 rounds of the first stage are determined to be the competition system.

At the same time, the Chinese Football Association also made it clear that it hopes that the Super League club will communicate well with local sports bureaus, venues, and security, because the home and away game system may be restored at any time in the second and third stages.

In fact, in the three-stage competition system, the third stage is precisely the key stage for the strong team to participate in the championship and the weak team to participate in the relegation battle. The competition will be very cruel, and it will be easier to restore the home and away game system. Attracting fans and gaining attention are also the advantages of this format.

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