The Queen of England was separated from her family for Christmas Day for the first time in more than 30 years

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China News Service, London, December 26. In order to comply with the epidemic restrictions, Queen Elizabeth II of England did not meet with the royal family on the 25th. Other members of the family spend Christmas together.

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), during Christmas, the Queen of England and other royal family members live in their respective homes, and the Queen of England and her husband Prince Philip live in Windsor Castle, Prince Charles and his wife live in Gloucestershire, and Prince William and his three children live in Norfolk. This is the first time the Queen of England has not spent Christmas with her family in more than 30 years.

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Data map:Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom gave a televised speech to the British people, encouraging the people to”united and firm” and”achieve success” in the fight against the new crown virus epidemic.

According to reports, as a Christian and the top administrator of the Anglican Church, the Queen of England held a private Christmas service in a small church in Windsor Castle on Christmas Day to avoid a large gathering of blessed people .

In previous years, the Queen of England celebrated Christmas with her family at Sandringham Manor, Norfolk. On Christmas morning, she walked to St. Mary Madeleine’s Church to meet with the public waiting outside . Last week, the British government urgently announced that London and the southeastern part of England entered the highest level of the epidemic lockdown level 4. The originally planned”easy epidemic restriction plan” during the Christmas period was cancelled, and travel and Christmas gatherings with more than three families were banned.

The Queen of England said to the British people in her Christmas speech in 2020:”You are not alone. Even in the darkest night, the new dawn is full of hope.” (End)


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