The”American Sky Eye” collapsed, leaving only China FAST in the world, which is not good news for Chinese astronomers

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Arecibo Radio Telescope

It is known as one of the “two big eyes” of the earth An American Arecibo radio telescope collapsed. Fortunately, no casualties were caused. However, Freeh witnessed the collapse of the American radio telescope. Deman said bluntly:I was screaming and lost control. It was a very deep and terrifying feeling.

Why did the Arecibo radio telescope collapse?

There is no doubt that the Arecibo radio telescope, built in 1963, is one of the symbols of American technology and strength. Before the”Eye of China” was operated, it was the world’s largest radio telescope. The telescope shoulders the mission of mankind to explore outer space. Historically, the telescope made Uncle Sam proud of the United States. They asked the United States to announce as the master of the earth which asteroids would harm the earth and which signs of alien life were found.

Interestingly, the”China Sky Eye”—Guizhou Pingtang 500-meter-caliber radio telescope was completed in September 2016. Since 2017, the US Arecibo telescope has been”injured” one after another. , Was scratched by a hurricane for a while, and violently hit by a tropical storm for a while. Anyway, since then, the Arecibo radio telescope accident in the United States has not ceased.

That’s how accidents continued and run in tatters for three years. Until 2020, the National Science Foundation is also constantly sewing and repairing. Until December 1, 2020, Areci The Bo telescope had a fatal collapse.

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Tattered Arecibo Radio Telescope

Is this fate?

The Goodman Richardamphibious ship caught fire, the”American Sky Eye” collapsed, and the US Covid-19 Leading the world, the kneeling and killing of blacks caused chaos in the United States and the chaos of the year-end general election…..Above fatalism, is it true?

Looking at the time point, after the”China Sky Eye” was built, the”American Sky Eye” collapsed rapidly and eventually collapsed. Is there a causal relationship?

It is definitely nonsense to say that the”Chinese Sky Eye” overcomes the”American Sky Eye”, but one thing is certain. The”Chinese Sky Eye” has a larger caliber than the”American Sky Eye” and has stronger detection capabilities. More advanced, there is no doubt about it.

Either the”Chinese Sky Eye” or the”American Sky Eye” are open to astronomers and researchers around the world. The number of institutions and scientists in this field around the world is relatively stable, and it is impossible that because of the addition of a”sky eye”, research institutions and astronomers will increase accordingly.

Then, with a more powerful”Chinese Sky Eye”, research institutions and astronomers will undoubtedly vote with their feet.

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“Chinese Sky Eye”

We Chinese have a concept, That is, the house is for people to live in, and the car is for people to drive. The best house and the best car do not need to be left unopened, and it will cause trouble. It is conceivable that what happens to the American Arecibo radio telescope, which has been used at a reduced frequency, is a natural thing.

In fact, there is no need to laugh at the collapse of the”American Sky Eye”. After all, this scientific research device has served mankind for so many years, and it can be regarded as the end of life under the background of this era.

Furthermore, although the”China Sky Eye” is powerful and advanced, it is deployed in Pingtang, Guizhou, at the mid-latitudes of the northern hemisphere, which has certain geographical limitations. The”American Sky Eye” is located at low latitudes near the equator. If it does not collapse, the Sino-US”Sky Eye” can form a complementary relationship.

Strictly speaking, the collapse of the”American Sky Eye” is not good news for global astronomers and Chinese astronomers.

●Is there only one”sky eye” left in China FAST in the world?

This statement is not very rigorous. The”Chinese Sky Eye” and the”American Sky Eye” are called the”two big eyes” of the earth, because this is the world’s largest two-sided spherical radio telescope , China is the world’s No. 1 because of its 500-meter caliber. Before that, it was the No. 1 in the world for the United States.

There are many radio telescopes for this type of detection in the world, but this spherical design requires extremely difficult technical requirements, and only China and the United States have built them separately. In other words, after the collapse of the”American Sky Eye”, the world’s spherical radio telescope has only one”Sky Eye” from China’s FAST.

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“Chinese Sky Eye”

●Next comes Will the Americans call for China to share the”Sky Eye” detection data?

This has almost become a standard operation in the United States. Every time China has achieved some”small achievements” in a certain field, the Americans began to appeal.

The most recent time was after the launch of Chang’e-5 on November 24, NASA began calling on China to Share lunar exploration data.

This is actually quite interesting. The Americans achieved a manned moon landing 51 years ago. For them, China’s lunar exploration is”long overdue”. Do you still want to share it? You must know that the Americans have never shared space technology with us, and they have also pulled all countries with small achievements in the field of space technology, including Russia, to impose an absolute technological blockade on China.

Now that the”American Sky Eye” has collapsed, the United States will have to stop research in this area. There is only one Chinese spherical”Sky Eye” in the world. Will their”standard operations” come back?