Zhan Meihe scored 50 points and Dongcic scored 27 points, the Lakers beat the Lone Ranger by 138 points in the Christmas game

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=8ad8a48b6f9bc4bde57d257c506c3ce5 - Zhan Meihe scored 50 points and Dongcic scored 27 points, the Lakers beat the Lone Ranger by 138 points in the Christmas game

The Lakers defeated the Lone Ranger 138-115 in the Christmas War, who suffered a losing streak.

Finney Smith made a three-pointer in the opening, the junior Hadaway made a mid-range shot, Richardson made a throw, The Lone Ranger started with a 7-2 lead. On the Lakers’ side, James and Schroder succeeded in attacking the basket. After that, Gasol, James and Davis completed the ball without touching the ground. Pope made a three-pointer and layup. Davis scored two goals in a row. The Lakers Hit 7 goals in 8 shots, leading 18-12. Finney Smith and James made three points against Biao. Powell broke through Gasol for a layup. East Cic quickly found Finney- Smith dunked, and Dongcic scored a buzzer layup at the last moment, and the Lone Ranger caught up to 30-33 in the first quarter!

In the second quarter, James, Markieff Morris, Caruso, Pope and Davis hit 5 three-pointers, and the Lakers led 54-41. Richardson scored 5 points in a row, Doncic scored in a fast break, Lone Ranger to narrow the contrast. But Jimmy took turns to score, Kuzma also made a three-pointer at the buzzer, leading the Lakers 69-57 in the first half. Davis had 19 points, James had 14 points and Doncic had 11 points.

Schroder and James made two breakthroughs at the start of the second half. The Lakers led by 16 points. Doncic made a sudden penalty and assisted Powell for a dunk. On the Lakers’ side, Davis made a jump shot and James made a three-pointer. The difference was still 15 points. Doncic and Trey Burke’s three-pointers once narrowed the point difference, but Harrell was unstoppable at the basket, and the Lakers again led by 17 points. Doncic hit a three-pointer, and the Lone Ranger fell behind 85-99 in three quarters. James’ Christmas score in this section also rose to the second in history.

In the fourth quarter, the Lone Ranger used Boban to contain Harrell and it worked. Richardson scored three points in a row and the Lone Ranger caught up with a 9-point difference. But Markieff Morris and Caruso responded with long shots. Harrell made a jumper and the Lakers again gained a 16-point advantage. After that, Davis hit two three-pointers and the Lakers easily defeated their opponents.

James 22 points, 10 assists and 7 rebounds, Davis 28 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 steals, Schroder 18 points and 6 assists, Pau Gasol 2 points and 9 rebounds, Harrell 22 7 boards, Kuzma 13 points 6 boards.

Doncic has 27 points and 7 assists, Powell has 11 points and 3 steals, Finney Smith has 10 points and 3 steals, Hardaway Jr. scored 10 points on 4 of 12 shots, Richardson 17 points, Burke 17 points.