Zhu Ting has won the Women’s Volleyball League’s Most Valuable Player again, with 15 personal MVP honors

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Chinese Women’s Volleyball Super League has come to an end-the evening of the 24th, The Chinese Volleyball Association announced the most valuable player awards and the list of the best team in this season.

Tianjin Women’s Volleyball captain Zhu Ting did her part and won the MVP award, and the recently controversial Li Yingying was elected The best main attack, Gong Xiangyu became the best response.

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=1ec4e5efbd396e461713f7b40757a5c8 - Zhu Ting has won the Women's Volleyball League's Most Valuable Player again, with 15 personal MVP honors

Zhu Ting is in the game.

From the statistical point of view, the performance of the national players in this season is worthy of recognition.

On the leaderboard with average scores per game, Li Yingying and Zhu Ting ranked top two. Zhang Changning and Gong Xiangyu ranked fourth and sixth. In addition to two foreign aids in the first six, these four national players.

And Zhu Ting won the title of MVP, which is also her MVP honor again after last year.

So far in his career, Zhu Ting has achieved 15 personal MVP honors in the league and national team One-from the Asian Youth Championship to the World Youth Championship, from the World Cup to the Olympic Games, from the Turkish Women’s Volleyball League to the Chinese Volleyball League.

In terms of the best lineup, Zhang Changning of the main attack line Jiangsu team and Li Yingying of the Tianjin team were selected. The best vice attackers were Wang Yuanyuan of Tianjin team and Hu Mingyuan of Liaoning team. The best setters are Gong Xiangyu and Diao Linyu of Jiangsu team. The best free man belongs to Wang Mengjie of Shandong team.

In mid-to-early January next year, a new training session for the Chinese Women’s Volleyball National Team will also begin. The national players who have just faced each other across the net in the league are about to”join together” to prepare for the postponed Tokyo Olympics.

After a tight and intense league season, the state of the national players does not seem to be worrying.

Winners of the 2020 Super League Ranking Award:

MVP:Zhu Ting (Tianjin)< /p>

Main attack:Li Yingying (Tianjin), Zhang Changning (Jiangsu)

Assistant attack:Hu Mingyuan (Liaoning), Wang Yuanyuan (Tianjin)

Acceptance:Gong Xiangyu (Jiangsu)

Second Story:Diao Linyu (Jiangsu)

Freeman:Wang Mengjie (Shandong)< /p>

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