Zhu Ting:”Second-year students” are very happy

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=27f7a800dc6d9dd407461105a2412a77 - Zhu Ting:"Second-year students" are very happyYao Di (left) and Zhu Ting took a group photo after winning the championship. Photo by Liu Xin

The 2020-2021 season Chinese Women’s Volleyball Super League has just ended. Tianjin Bohai Bank’s women’s volleyball team successfully defended their title. Won the thirteenth domestic league championship in team history. For the second consecutive season in Tianjin, Zhu Ting, the Chinese women’s volleyball team leader, also won two consecutive personal domestic league championships. She bluntly said that she gained growth in the second year of the Tianjin team and completed the phased tasks.

In the 2019-2020 season, Zhu Ting joined the Tianjin team for the first time and finally fulfilled her dream of a domestic league championship . In 2020, Zhu Ting and his teammates of the national team are facing the problem of postponing the Tokyo Olympics. She said:”When I heard about the postponement of the Olympic Games, my first reaction was’unexpected’, because the Olympic Games in my impression are all four years in a cycle. I did not expect that this year’s Olympic Games will be postponed due to the epidemic. Although the national team has been playing this year There is no competition for training, but I also hope to do a good job in training and recovery from injury, allocate the time of the year, make up for the shortcomings, and improve myself.”

In October this year, Zhu Ting chose again Joining the Tianjin team to play in the domestic league, she also visited the”National Honor-China Women’s Volleyball Spirit Exhibition” held in Tianjin Art Museum. Zhu Ting said:”It was really shocking at the time, because I saw the costumes, trophies, medals, and many precious photos of the old women’s volleyball team. I also appreciated some of the wonderful technical actions of the predecessors. This exhibition also belongs to the Tianjin Women’s Volleyball section has made me feel the heritage and style of the champion team. I am honored to be able to join this team twice.”

< p>Talking specifically about the different feelings of playing for the Tianjin team in the two seasons, Zhu Ting said:”I had a lot of longings for joining in the first year, and I felt very honored, because the championship background is not available to every team. I hope to be in the Tianjin team. I learned more knowledge. Later, I saw that the coach led the team hard every day and the athletes worked hard every day. I also felt it with my heart every day. Coming to the Tianjin team again this year, I feel more familiar. Everyone is living and training. It’s a tacit understanding. I have also grown in the 2020-2021 season, and I have completed the phased tasks. I am very happy!”

Reporter Xie Chen

Source:Tonight News