10 players, positive

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The famous Brazilian football club Corinthians announced on the 27th local time that there are 10 players in the new crown The virus tested positive and these players are all asymptomatic patients. The club announced the list of 10 players and has suspended their training and competition. The confirmed player is currently in isolation for 10 days.

The 10 confirmed players will be absent from this Thursday’s game in Bahia and next Wednesday in Ceara, and they may also miss the game against Atletico Paraná on February 7.

The player’s doctor Ivan Grava said in an interview with the media:“Maybe there are players with secondary infections, and the club will conduct more detailed studies on infections. Although we often do new coronavirus tests, However, Brazil is currently facing the impact of the epidemic again, and there are outbreaks in many places. We have foreseen the new crown virus infection in the club.

Source:CCTV News

Source:Anhui Traffic Radio

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