2021 New Year’s Dedication:May your heart be bright and not afraid of your future

By yqqlm yqqlm
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Turning over the last page of the 2020 calendar, 2021 is here.

This year, from the beginning to the end of the year, everyone had a hard time. At the beginning of the year, the new crown epidemic has been raging for several months, and it has not completely disappeared until now.

The epidemic has allowed the world to see the strong cohesion of our country, and it also allows everyone to experience the warm and cold life in such an extreme way.

It may be the most frequently seen word in news reports in 2020, but it is not all of life.
In the days when the epidemic was raging, everyone’s life was forced to press the pause button, and because of this pause, many people’s lives have changed.

Whether it is active or passive, change means getting out of the comfort zone and challenging a new self.

Just as the word”demolition” is often mentioned in the real estate industry. This change requires many people to write a big”demolition” in the comfort zone, and then draw a circle with a red cross.

Different from the high compensation for demolition in reality, it is a painful thing to remove the barriers of one’s thoughts and expand the cognitive boundary.

There is no compensation for doing this. You have to accept the worry and confusion of your friends, relatives, parents and even your lover.

The worry and confusion of your loved ones are all right, because the same”why” may have been deduced 1,000 times deep in your heart.

No one can give a clear answer. You can only convince yourself to embark on a new path and believe that all wonderful things can happen.

After this year, many changes have taken place in our lives.

This year, the biggest gain is that I made many new friends.

The shift in focus of life and work has lost contact with many old friends. It’s not that we are unreasonable, the world is big, the circle is small, and even though there is more time, there are only 24 hours a day.

When people are in the arena, it is inevitable that they will lose sight of one another. Even if the news is temporarily lost for various reasons, I hope to see you again in the future as a young man and a young man.

Naturally needless to say between old friends, the meaning of new friends is that everyone can open a window to a different world for you. They are our guides to explore the unknown world.

It is every new friend who makes every day unique.

This year, the biggest growth is the belief that a candle can also dispel the fog.

In the past, we were full of doubts about this world. Questioning one’s own abilities, questioning the motives of others, and questioning again and again make the”dark elves” deep in my heart grow up and become stronger, blocking the perspective of seeing things.

In 2020, this special year, there will be resistance, tears, sighs, and laughter.
For many years, all of us who were immersed in the road, suddenly lived a life of a family staying under one roof for a long time.
Every day the collision of pots and pans, I will torture my heart:In the light of thousands of lights, how should we protect our own one? Under the long night, who can light up our hearts?

Instead of waiting, it’s better to light a candle on the road, even if there is only a box of matches in your pocket, that is your own fuel.

Candle light will illuminate the rugged mountain roads and bring confidence to fellow travelers.
The candlelight conveys warmth and dispels the”dark elves”, so that there is no longer a fog in the forest of the city, so that everyone is no longer disappointed.

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This year, the biggest improvement is the ability to Reflect on who the self is.

In 2020, everyone’s life will be left blank. This blank space is used by the heavens for reflection. Of course, the best state should be used for reflection in anxiety.

What to reflect on? Reflect on who you are, where to go, what is worthwhile and what is not worthwhile.

Those who are still hesitating, don’t worry, defend your position, reserve ammunition, and be ready to fight a blocking battle at all times! Those who recognize themselves are slowly changing directions, or in groups of three or five, or a small boat, sing along, striving to cross the other shore.

Everyone is different, each person’s life stage is different, and each person’s choices are different. I believe that what kind of person can do what kind of things.

It is important to find the most comfortable position for yourself.

This year, the biggest insight is that being able to bring value to others is true happiness.

Work is always hard. 007 in real estate, 996 in IT, and media all day and night.

Everyone has not been idle in 2020, but how many people have spent the year suffering from gains and losses?

Have you suddenly discovered that things that were once valued are no longer important, and the feelings that were once valued have become as light as a feather? After eating and drinking, I felt the belly and found that happiness became more and more difficult.

After the baptism of life in 2020, some knots in the past can indeed be put aside:what you do is not really important, what matters is whether you can bring value to others while doing things.

Only by always maintaining a kind heart, doing things down-to-earth, and being a serious person, can you not care about temporary gains and losses, and will not care about misunderstanding and slander.

There is a light in the heart, and the eyes are bright. Lights and candles illuminate the future:those who help others will always help them; those who help others are happy!

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