2021 set sail beyond the”One Goal Winning Grand Prix” held in Qingdao

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Recently, a tennis 10,000-yuan championship that combines sports, fashion and fun elements-the”One Goal Wins Tennis Grand Prix” was held in Qingdao West Coast New District. With the opening of the game, the first city tennis stadium on the West Coast-Sailing·Beyond West Coast Tennis Stadium also opened simultaneously.

At the opening ceremony of the game, Serbia President of the International Olympic Committee, former head coach of the Serbian national team, Djokovic former coach Mr. Obradović Bogdan came to the game to cheer for the players. In the end, Lu Yuxiang from the Qingdao campus of China University of Petroleum won the”One Goal Win” championship and won a prize of 10,000 yuan.

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Obradovich. Bogdan presented awards to Qingdao’s”One Goal to Win” Champion Lu Yuxiang

One Goal to Win Qingdao Champion and Shanghai Millions Champion PK

According to our understanding , This competition is hosted by Qingdao Beyond Tennis Club and undertaken by Qingdao West Coast Education and Sports Development Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Yingshiyun International Culture Communication Co., Ltd. The venue is Qihang· Beyond West Coast Tennis Stadium.

The”One Goal to Win” event is a one-point singles (unisex game), with a total of 128 spots, 16 of which are wild cards, and no seed players. All rounds of the event adopt a single elimination system. The player who scores 1 point first wins the game and advances to the next round until the champion is determined.

This competition is open to non-professional players who are in good health and love tennis. They come from Qingdao, Shanghai, Rizhao, Zibo, 86 contestants from Weifang, Linyi, Jinan and other cities participated in the competition.

The accidental and entertaining nature of”One Goal Win” is very strong. The players’ enthusiasm is unprecedentedly high, and the game process is full of suspense and fun. Lu Yuxiang from the Qingdao campus of China University of Petroleum won 7 consecutive games and won a prize of 10,000 yuan.

Another highlight of the game was Qingdao”One Goal Win” champion Lu Yuxiang’s on-site PK Shanghai”One Goal Win” Million Champion Guo Yimin. Guo Yimin was very brave in the previous”One Goal Win” competition in Shanghai, winning 9 consecutive games and winning the championship. With Lu Yuxiang’s double serve errors, Guo Yimin won the peak matchup dramatically, and the result once again reflected the uncertainty of the”one goal to win” game.

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Shanghai”One Goal Win” champion Guo Yimin accepts media interview

Big coffee appeared as world champion coach Djokovic in person

As the former coach of world tennis star Djokovic, the arrival of Obradović Bogdan made the game a lot more colorful. Bogdan is also the former head coach of the Serbian national team. Serbia won the 2010 Davis Cup. He is currently the chairman of the Serbian International Olympic Committee and has very mature experience in youth tennis training.

“It’s a great honor to be invited by the tournament organizer to Qingdao. After I came here, I found that Qingdao likes tennis. I hope Qingdao can add more indoor tennis halls similar to today’s. I hope that the government will pay more attention to tennis. The most important point is that through such games, parents can inculcate the concept of tennis and help the popularization of tennis among Chinese youth.” On the spot, Bogdan said While praising Qingdao’s sports culture atmosphere, he also gave some suggestions.

In addition to Obradović Bogdan, Chinese star Wang Qiang Youth Head Coach Shimizu Zhiying, Yonex Qingdao area general agent, Zhuoheng Sports founder Ma Yue, Qingdao Beyond Tennis Club director Li Dongwen and other guests also appeared on the scene of the game to cheer for the players.

Shimizu Zhiying believes that the current tennis atmosphere in Qingdao is very good. Qingdao’s tennis clubs have many members and have great potential for development. Regarding how to balance the relationship between training and learning, Shimizu Zhiying advises parents not to involve their children in professional tennis training prematurely, but to focus on learning, because only by studying well can we improve cultural literacy, cultivate values, and improve children’s Understanding of tennis.

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Shimizu Zhiying accepts media interview

Help Qingdao International Fashion City build the first high-standard indoor tennis hall on the west coast to officially open

Current The fashion industry is in a golden development period, and fashion consumption, as a new growth point in the consumer market, has long been deeply rooted in the lives of Qingdao citizens. Fashionable cities give birth to fashionable sports, and fashionable sports feed back and change the city.”Sports fusion fashion” has also become the vane of Qingdao’s sports industry.

In recent years, the Qingdao sports industry has actively contributed to the construction of Qingdao International Fashion City. This competition became a concrete measure to implement the city’s call for the development of fashionable sports and cultivate sports culture.

It is particularly worth mentioning that in order to provide Qingdao citizens, especially tennis lovers on the west coast, with a weather-free sports venue, Qingdao Beyond Tennis Club and its partners have created a fully open indoor tennis hall. –set sail. Beyond the West Coast Tennis Stadium.

Sailing beyond the West Coast Tennis Stadium is the first indoor tennis stadium in Qingdao to open to the public. Located on the beautiful Xihaiyan Golden Beach, it is operated by Qingdao Chaoyue Tennis Club, which has been deeply involved in tennis courts and young professional athlete training for 10 years. The purpose of this competition is to provide a stage for enthusiastic golfers who love tennis when the tennis hall opens.

Li Dongwen, director of Qingdao Beyond Tennis Club, said that these three indoor venues are very important for tennis training in Qingdao, especially in the cold winter. Outdoor tennis training conditions are very difficult. Indoor venues can guarantee the athletes’ Training quality.

“In addition to the youth training, our venues will also be open to the community, and we will also often host competitions like’One Goal Win’. I hope that the general public can come and experience indoor tennis when they have time. The feeling of the museum.” Li Dongwen said.

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Li Dongwen accepts media interview

Source:China News Network