A man suffering from depression in the United States injected”psychedelic mushroom” water, a few days later”mushrooms” began to grow in his blood

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=26e3ab66ead9f9359c79012e6bb151ac - A man suffering from depression in the United States injected"psychedelic mushroom" water, a few days later"mushrooms" began to grow in his blood

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In order to treat his depression, American men The water boiled”psychedelic mushrooms” was injected into the body. A few days later,”mushrooms” grew in his blood, and his life was hanging by a thread.

According to the foreign media LAD Bible website reported on the 13th, this man is from Nebraska and is 30 years old this year. His family recently discovered that his behavior was strange and seemed to be in a state of chaos, and sent him to the hospital.

According to the case published in the”Consultation-Contact Psychiatry Society Journal, the man has type I bipolar Affective disorder. However, he did not take medication, which led to his manic and depression episodes.

The man’s family said that during his first illness, he tried to study ways to reduce the intake of opioids and read about how to use the psilocybin found in”psychedelic mushrooms”. Relieve anxiety and depression.

Although the research of Johns Hopkins University researchers found that psilocybin helps to treat Patients with depression, but it cannot be used for injection.

According to reports, the man boiled mushrooms in water and filtered the liquid with a cotton swab before injection.

A few days later, the man felt extremely tired, began to vomit blood, diarrhea, and developed jaundice. He was found by his family and sent to the hospital urgently. After a series of examinations, the doctor found that there was a fungal infection in his blood, which belonged to the same”psychedelic mushroom” he injected This means that”mushrooms” have begun to grow in his blood, which damages his liver and kidneys and causes organs to begin to fail.

In order to breathe smoothly, the man put on a ventilator and his blood was treated to remove toxins. After 22 days in the hospital, the man was approved and discharged, but will continue to take two antibiotics and an antifungal drug.

Some researchers emphasized that psilocybin itself has a strong hallucinogenic effect. It is not recommended for ordinary people to use it at will to treat depression by themselves, and relevant treatment should be carried out under professional guidance. (Text/Six Tubes)