A team called Marion lost to Tottenham, why everyone is happy

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This is a England FA Cup in the history of the biggest difference in rankings. This is a wonderful off-field match. The result of the match.

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Little fans of the Marion team welcome the Premier League team Tottenham Hotspur to come to the game p>

On January 10, British local time, in the third round of the FA Cup, the Premier League team Tottenham Hotspur faced the eighth division team Marion. With respect for each other, Tottenham beat Marion 5:0 away. This result is not unexpected, but the friendship between the two clubs through the game not only shows the significance of the FA Cup, the world’s oldest event, but also releases the power that football has brought to people during this difficult time.

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Although the game is going on empty, the enthusiasm of local residents to watch the game is unstoppable. Outside the barbed wire of the stadium, in the backyard and window sill, and even on the trees, there are golden seats.

Marion Football Club is located in Crosby, a small town near Liverpool. It was established in 1894. This year It was also the first time Tottenham participated in the FA Cup. Marion participated in the FA Cup for the first time in the 1920-1921 season, when Tottenham won the FA Cup.

100 years later, the two teams will continue to lead. Despite the 161 ranking gap, they have joined hands to compose another episode in the history of the FA Cup.

Due to the control of the epidemic, tickets cannot be sold for this game, but this is the biggest source of income for the Marion Club. The club chooses to conduct”cloud ticket sales” on the official website, each ticket is worth 10 pounds, or you can choose to support community construction with a face value of 20 pounds.

Marion is expected to sell 600 copies. Finally, with the help of fans all over the world, 30697 copies were sold before the game. There are contributions from Chinese fans and the Tottenham coach.Mourinho support.

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The home stadium of Marion Club can only accommodate 3185 people

Marion Club stated that it will draw a lottery among all fans who buy tickets, and the winners can be in the next season’s Pre-season match became a coach of Marion Club. Mourinho said with a smile,”Even if I win, I can’t coach, after all, I also have a preseason job. But the meaning of the ticket makes me decide to support them.”

For the ultimate prize of”Being a Game Head Coach”, the names of all fans who bought cloud ball tickets will be displayed on the roadside panels leading to the stadium to commemorate this historical moment.

In addition, Marion Club continues to stage marketing”God Operation”. In this game, the home team’s shirt chest, back, and shorts were successfully sold, and the billboards surrounding the stadium were also full. Social network accounts are even more active, and the number of fans has surged.

Most of Marion’s team are amateur players. The goalkeeper is a car salesman, the forward is a school teacher, the avant-garde is a plumber, and the head coach Neil Young is the equipment manager of the local power plant. Neil Young couldn’t hide his excitement in the pre-match interview,”This is the moment of our dreams. This game means almost everything.”

He said that he is looking forward to the Tottenham twin stars Kane and Sun Xingmin were able to come to this small stadium surrounded by houses.”In fact, I know that the only way we can stop Kane is to ask him not to board the bus that came here, but I really hope that they will come and enjoy our VIP service, just not playing.”

The caring Mourinho met Neil Young’s expectations, Kane stayed in London, and Sun Xingmin sat on the bench Watched the whole game. As for the VIP service, it is the visiting team locker room in the bar and the supermarket food”feast” after the game.

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Mourinho and the coaching team are sitting in a simple coaching bench

Before the game, Marion’s two Premier League neighbors also provided them with various help, Everton and Liverpool have opened training bases to them, and also provided Tottenham-related game videos and even analysis reports.

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On the day before the game, Marion used the Liverpool Youth Training Base for training

Everton coach An Celotti and Liverpool star Carragher both live in Marion’s community. Ancelotti recorded a video to cheer Marion, and Carragher’s foundation provided financial support for the game, and he himself appeared on the scene.

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Liverpool fans took the coach Klopp’s human form to stand on the field. And the number marked on the side of the stadium is the house number of each house, which is to locate and find in time when the game is kicked into which house.

“It’s normal for Liverpool to provide them with shots that they don’t normally have access to.” Mourinho understood this, and he said more firmly, “The way to show respect to them is to choose one. Set up an excellent lineup, and beat them with a sense of responsibility and motivation.”

Mourinho finally took the first team’s substitute lineup to Marion, and Bell, who had just returned from injury, offered to participate. .”This is a game where the players prove to me how much they love football.” Mourinho admitted frankly that it is his responsibility to lose in a Premier League game, but to lose in this game is just It is entirely the responsibility of the players.

The Tottenham players did show a professional attitude, but in the first half, Marion shot at the crossbar from a long distance and almost took the lead. It also surprised the Tottenham players. A cold sweat. Of course, this”scare” did not last. Tottenham had a 4:0 lead in the first half.

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When Ali accidentally fell on the court, Sun Xingmin sitting on the bench and his teammates laughed Speaking out, Bell even showed his”flop” a yellow card

In the second half, Tottenham’s 16-year-old player Dwayne, who came off the bench, created the club’s youngest first team appearance and scoring record. This game It has also become an unforgettable memory for him.

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Let the bench line-up run-in and provide opportunities for young teenagers. Tottenham also gained something in this game.

Although they fell behind 0∶5, they were replaced by Bell At that time, Marion’s players and coach even smiled. Residents who watched the game in their homes were excited to show their presence on the court on social networks, and they also received a”flop” from Bell himself.

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It’s incredible to see the legendary star on their windowsill.

Due to epidemic prevention requirements, players cannot exchange jerseys after the game, but Tottenham prepared a set The brand new team jersey was given to Marion as a souvenir, and at the same time a tactical book prepared for the game was presented. This is likely to become the winning secret of Marion this season.

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After the game, the official accounts of the two teams interacted friendly and friendly, and the account operation staff of the Marion Club even received a lot of clubs to poach.

Although they missed the promotion, Marion Club has sincerely worked hard to make the entire football world moved for them. They eventually earned 230,000 pounds through cloud tickets and 300,000 pounds through television, which can guarantee the team’s survival in this difficult season.

And another team from England’s sixth division, Jolly, was even more fortunate. They defeated Derby County, a British championship team that only sent a U23 and U18 mixed team, by 2:0. At the same time, he wrote a new history in the FA Cup.

In the locker room after the game, Jolly’s team once again sang the famous song of the famous British female singer Adele“Someone Like You”, and Adele himself on the social network, Adele also likes to respond. The inspirational plot is accompanied by passionate singing. Their deep love and devotion to football has hit the hearts of countless fans.

Before the game, there was heavy snowfall in the area. As there was no geothermal equipment, and worried that the stadium turf would be frozen out to affect the game, the Jolly Club venue manager Ben Kyle came to the stadium to observe at 4 in the morning. , I slept on the side of the stadium for an hour to observe the weather and turf at any time, and the temperature that night was only minus 5 ° So devoted to a game, this is the charm of the FA Cup.

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Ben Kyle lying on the side of the stadium and guarding the turf

England, with a strong football atmosphere, has 480 leagues in 24 levels and a total of more than 7000 teams of different levels Participation, the FA Cup has provided countless small clubs with opportunities to challenge strong players, and their vigorous struggle story has taken root in the community for English football, affecting generations of young people, allowing them to enjoy the joy of football at home.

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In the third round of the FA Cup, Crowley defeated the Premier League team Leeds United 3:0 and successfully seized the newspaper page

“The FA Cup has long been Not the only’circus’ in the city, but it will always have a place in the hearts of our footballers.” As the host of the BBC sports program Lineker Go to Marion to participate in the broadcast of the game in person. His affectionate words just show that in addition to the record, respect, friendship and dreams are the power of football to touch people.