After being convicted of infringing on the name right of”Michael Jordan”, Jordan Sports Company changed its name

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Senior Journalist Li Jing

The name of Michael Jordan in the Shanghai court After the judgment of the rights dispute case, Jordan Sports Co., Ltd. changed its name.

Recently, the Shanghai court ruled that Qiaodan Sports Co., Ltd. suspended the”Jordan” business name and Involving the”Jordan” trademark. On January 13, 2021, The Paper journalists inquired about Tianyancha APP and learned that on January 12, 2021, the original Jordan Sports Co., Ltd. had a business change and the company name was changed to Zhongqiao Sports Co., Ltd.

The Paper previously reported that on December 30, 2020, the Shanghai Second Intermediate Court filed a dispute over the name right of former American professional basketball player Michael Jordan v. Jordan Sports Company and Bairen Trading Company The verdict of the first instance was pronounced, and it was judged that Jordan Sports Company publicly apologized to the plaintiff in newspapers and on the Internet, and clarified the relationship between the two; Jordan Sports Company stopped using the”Jordan” business name in its corporate name; Jordan Sports Company should stop using the”Jordan” company Trademarks, but for trademarks involving”Jordan” that exceed the five-year dispute period, reasonable methods including distinctive signs should be used to indicate that they are not related to former American basketball player Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan); Jordan Sports Company should compensate the plaintiff with RMB 300,000 for mental damage and soothing money; Jordan Sports Company should compensate the plaintiff with RMB 50,000 for reasonable expenses incurred by the lawsuit in this case.

The day after the court’s decision, Jordan Sports issued a public statement stating that “this civil judgment is consistent with the administrative judgment of the Supreme People’s Court and will not affect our company’s legal right to use the Chinese trademark”Jordan””The public has widely known and clearly distinguished the relationship between the two, and our company is also actively adopting various measures to avoid confusion.””Jordan Sports will continue to do well in the”Jordan” brand products.”

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