After Biden took office, he made a big deal, and Trump policies soon disappeared.

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This Wednesday, the presidential inauguration just ended, Biden< /span>I immediately exercised the powers of the president, signed a number of administrative orders on the new crown epidemic, immigration policy, and racial equality, and revoked the former presidentTron Some measures taken by .

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As early as the campaign , Biden promised that he would immediately require citizens to wear masks and maintain social distancing in all buildings owned by the federal government. According to its transition team, President Biden has signed relevant executive orders to fulfill the promise. He also launched the”100-day mask challenge” campaign, requiring people to wear masks when traveling in the next 100 days to control the spread of the virus. According to data released by Johns Hopkins University, the new crown pneumonia has so far claimed the lives of more than 400,000 Americans.

In the near future, Biden will appoint a coordinator for COVID-19 response, whose responsibility is to ensure the implementation of the latest government measures such as vaccination, and report the progress directly to Biden. In response to the economic recession during the epidemic, Biden will ask the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to extend the end date of the”federal deportation ban” from January 31 to March 31. He will also request the Ministry of Education to extend the end date of the suspension of repayment of education loans for college students to September 30.

Although the United States withdrew from the World Health Organization under Trump’s leadership in September last year, Biden said that in order to better communicate and coordinate the prevention and treatment of new coronary pneumonia with countries around the world, He will allow the United States to rejoin the organization. This week, anti-epidemic expert Fauci will participate in the WHO Executive Committee meeting. At the end of January, he will also have a dialogue with the executive committee as the head of the country’s delegation.

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Currently, the Trump administration’s The”zero tolerance” immigration policy has been cancelled by Biden. The negative impact of this policy is that it forced thousands of Mexico children to leave Family members have always been accused of violating morals. In order to further protect relevant human rights, Biden also signed another executive order to guarantee the”Deferred Repatriation of Childhood Arrivals” issued by Obama when he was in office. [span class=”entity-word” data-gid=”501377″>Obama Procedure” (DACA) can be implemented.

In addition, Trump’s”Muslim ban” has also been revoked. The ban stipulates that Iraq, Syria Citizens of the seven major Muslim countries, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Libya, are not allowed to enter the United States. At the same time, immigrants from these countries are not included in the U.S. census.

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In terms of racial equality, Biden has withdrawn from Trang The controversy about the 1776 committee established by the U.S. government is that it denied the disgraceful history of the early American black slave trade. The media pointed out that Trump created the committee to counter the”1619 Project” created by the New York Times, which aims to strengthen research on the history of trafficking in blacks and to set up relevant school courses. Because of its promotion of racial equality, the founder of the project won the Pulitzer Prize in 2020. In contrast, the 1776 committee created by Trump, under the name of”patriotism education”, declared that the content of this period of history in American textbooks was”a lie that distorted the truth.”

During the Trump administration, another criticized mechanism was the so-called”diversity training” implemented by federal agencies, which divided government employees into different categories according to ethnicity, and then It conducts differentiated training. After Biden takes office, this practice of federal agencies will be restricted, and, according to its transition team, in order to eliminate racial discrimination at the source, the new president will pass an executive order to accurately define the term”equality”. To promote a series of more detailed government measures, for example, to improve the welfare of vulnerable groups.

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Finally, Biden will sign a lot to help ease Climate change and environmental pollution, and canceled Trump’s 2017 license for the Keystone XL pipeline construction project, which was accused by environmentalists of harming the ecosystem and exacerbating climate change. In addition, the United States will rejoin the”Paris Climate Agreement”, which aims to enable countries around the world to deal with climate issues in a more coordinated manner.

(Source:APD News)