“American Unity”-Biden’s inauguration theme is released, and the three former presidents will”reunite”

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National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) news, Biden’s inauguration committee said on the 11th that he was elected president Biden’s inauguration theme will be”United States”. Biden will attend the event with Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama to emphasize”Unity”.

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On the same day, Biden’s inauguration committee said in a statement, “At a time of unexpected crisis and profound divergence,’American Unity’ reflects the beginning of a new national journey. This journey reshapes the soul of the United States, unites the country, and creates a path to a brighter future.”

Biden Inauguration Committee CEO Tony? Allen also said in the statement:”This inauguration marks the beginning of a new chapter for the American people. This is a new chapter of healing the’wound’, unity, unity, and unity of the United States.”

< p>According to the committee, on the 20th, after the new president was sworn in and attended the military parade, Biden, Harris, and Obama, Bush Jr. and Clinton will lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington with their families.

It is reported that US President Trump will not attend Biden’s inauguration, and Vice President Peng Si will participate.

Source:World Wide Web