At the most sensitive moment, five major events happened in the United States! Trump puts on a cruel remark

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Now, everyone on the earth knows that the United States is at the most sensitive moment in decades.

The capital, Washington, has entered a state of emergency, and more than 10,000 National Guard soldiers are dispatched urgently. But the tree wants to be quiet and the wind keeps going. Five major events have just happened in the United States. Some farces are still going on, but there are also new dramatic turns.

Very subtle, really subtle!

First thing, Trump finally showed up, and made a ruthless sentence.

After the fall of Capitol Hill, Trump has been dormant. The most beloved Twitter account was permanently banned, and he also lost his voice platform.

On January 12th, he finally showed up.

Unlike the outside world imagined that he would reflect on him, Trump is Trump. When he appeared on the stage, he was”high-spirited”, and even more scolded his impeachment as”extremely ridiculous.”

This is what Trump said:

This is the continuation of the largest witch hunt in history. It caused great anger, which is very dangerous for the United States, especially It’s at this very fragile moment…I don’t want violence.

As for January 6, when he encouraged his supporters to besiege Congress, Trump also defended:People think what I said is entirely appropriate.

He also accused Twitter and other social networks of banning his account, which was a”catastrophic error.”

What do you mean?

1, I was right, and I am not responsible for the riot.

2, if you impeach me, it will arouse public anger.

3, continue to do so, it is very dangerous for the United States.

Sure enough, submission is not Trump’s personality, Trump is going to fight back.

Then wait for new storms.

The second thing is that the impeachment is accelerating, and there is a turning point.

Impeachment is in a race against time. After all, on January 20, Trump will step down.

But one thing is certain, Trump will once again go down in history—the only president in American history who has been impeached twice.

Moreover, Trump is facing charges of”sedition”. It is impeachment now, but this crime can still be sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Will it succeed?

The House of Representatives voted on January 13, and it will definitely pass. The key is the Senate. The Senate is currently controlled by the Republican Party, and the Republican Party must be separated from Trump.

At the latest turning point, the Republican Senate leader McConnell made a statement:Trump did commit a crime and is happy to see the Democratic impeachment.

McConnell is Zhao Xiaolan’s husband and has always been an ally of Trump. However, after the capture of Capitol Hill, Zhao Xiaolan immediately resigned as Minister of Transportation and expressed anger at Trump’s incitement of violence.

Now that the bigwigs in the party are about to cut with Trump, it will be even more interesting.

Why did McConnell suddenly change? It is not excluded that Trump’s latest ruthless remarks have become the last straw that overwhelms the camel.

The third thing is to encircle and suppress Trump, and the gold master has begun to cut.

As I said before, Trump is still alive, but he has lost a lot-the barrel of the gun was handed over, the barrel of the pen was bald, and the purse was sealed.

Anyway, although he is still the President of the United States and the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, the military has hidden the nuclear button. His most beloved Twitter account has been permanently banned, and Wall Street has no hesitation in cutting it with him.

But the latest and most shocking news is that the largest bank in Germany-Deutsche Bank announced:In the future, we will make a clean break with Trump, and will no longer have any business dealings with the Trump Organization and Trump himself, except for overseeing the Trump Organization’s repayment of more than $300 million in debt.

In the past, Trump went bankrupt several times. In the”darkest moment” of his life, Deutsche Bank was the only bank that provided loans to Trump.

Now, even old friends are cut.

Not only Deutsche Bank, the US Signature Bank announced that it will close two of Trump’s personal accounts. There are also deposits of US$5.3 million in these two accounts, and Ivanka is also a director of this bank.

Before this, Stripe, the second largest online payment company in the United States, announced that it would ban all donations to the Trump camp. Citibank, JPMorgan Chase, American Express, Goldman Sachs, etc., have also announced similar policies. Sanctions include Trump, It also includes Trump’s political allies.

The Professional Golfers Association of America announced that it will cancel the tournament held at Trump Golf Club next year. This is even more a weather vane, showing that more and more companies and institutions are moving away from Trump’s industry. It is believed that Trump was”very depressed” after hearing about this incident.

Finance is the blood of the modern economy. Without finance, even the largest company would collapse. In the past four years, one of Trump’s most skillful policies is financial sanctions, including all-round sanctions on Iran.

But he should have never expected that in this winter, the most ruthless target of US sanctions is not Iran, but himself.

The fourth thing, there is bad news on Capitol Hill.

Enough bad news. The U.S. Congress was breached and occupied for the first time in 150 years, and 5 people were killed, one of whom was a policeman.

But a new tragedy is coming.

According to U.S. media reports, because the congressmen were evacuated in an emergency and were hiding in a closed safe room, at least three U.S. congressmen have now been diagnosed.

One of the confirmed members of Congressman Brad Schneider complained:

Last Wednesday, after a thrilling escape from the mob that attacked the Capitol and people in the building under the instigation of the US President, I was forced to spend a few hours with dozens of other congressmen in a safe but closed location. Several Republican congressmen in the room stubbornly refused to wear a mask, even despite the polite requests of colleagues…

When are you still wearing a mask?

As a result, it was a tragedy.

This is still a councillor in a room. You must know that so many Americans attacked Congress that day. Many of them did not wear masks and were closer together. It is conceivable that this will bring serious consequences.

There are more than five deaths.

The fifth thing, Pompeo was rejected.

I laughed when I saw this news early in the morning. Pompeo did not expect that the dignified US Secretary of State would have such a day!

The U.S. State Department also specifically”clarified” that Pompeo will not visit Taiwan. His last overseas visit will be to Europe.

Why are you going to Europe?

If nothing else, continue to promote his lies about China.

I don’t know, people are not as good as heaven, and Europe refuses to accept them.

Pompeo originally planned to go to two places in Europe, one is Luxembourg and the other is Brussels.

Luxembourg originally agreed, but later it was very clear and would not arrange any meetings for you.

At any rate, it is also the Secretary of State of the United States. Then go to Luxembourg to be in a daze?

Then Brussels. Pompeo also wanted to meet with the Belgian Foreign Minister and have dinner at the NATO Secretary-General’s house, but the plan could not keep up with the changes. The European Union refused to arrange any meetings, and NATO did not have any public activities.

Brussels can’t go either.

What should I do?

The United States finally announced that the transfer of power is now too busy and all important visits by the State Department have been cancelled, including Pompeo’s visit to Europe.

Since that was the reason, the US ambassador to the United Nations who wanted to provoked the visit to our Taiwan area was also cancelled.

This is just to make up for the face of the United States. In fact, the most fundamental thing is that Europe never wants to see Pompeo anymore.

How about? There are still many major events, but for these five major events, American politics is exciting.

A house of cards is definitely more than a house of cards. No matter how creative Hollywood screenwriters are, they will certainly not be able to write such a big drama.

The drama is still on.

Trump is still fighting. I want Trump to give in, no way!

The Democratic Party continues to encircle and suppress. It would be too embarrassing if the iron is not hit while it is hot.

Wall Street is completely cut, business is not done, but you have to pay the debt.

The European Union has finally stiffened. Such a Secretary of State, goodbye, never again.

After this series of events, it is the tragedy of the United States.

Looking at the latest data, there have been more than 22.75 million confirmed cases in the United States, and more than 379,000 deaths. The number of deaths per day in the recent past has exceeded all deaths in the 9/11 incident.

Please note that it is every day, not a certain day.

From Trump’s”very dangerous” warning, to Washington entering a state of emergency, to Biden” I’m not afraid”, a new storm is coming.

What is internal volume? We are witnessing the involution of a superpower.

It must be noted that the United States is still very strong, but the American dream is shattered. What used to be a beacon of the world has now become a world joke. History does not end, it is American mythology that ends.

We are witnessing a profound and epoch-making change. Not only geopolitical, but also people’s psychological world. This is how the unusual 2021 begins.

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