Athletics | 22 meters 82! New World Record for Men’s Shot Put

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On January 25th, in the American Athletics League Series held in Fayetteville, Arkansas, the Rio Olympic Games Men’s shot put champion and American star Ryan Kluzer shot 22 meters 82, raising the indoor world record for men’s shot put by 16 cm.

The U.S. Athletics League series consists of four stops, which is the silver medal series of the World Athletics Federation Indoor Tour. This game is also the first battle of Cruze in the 2021 season. He threw an amazing result of 22 meters 82 in the first throw, raising the world record set by his predecessor Barnes in 1989 by 16 cm. Then Cruze threw another 22m 70 in the third throw, which also exceeded the world record. In the end, Kruze won the championship with a score of 22m 82.”Starting my 2021 season in this way, I am very satisfied.” Kluzer said.

Previously, the indoor and outdoor world records of the project were held by the famous men’s shot put player Randy Barnes. Now Cruze has rewrote the indoor record for this project, and the outdoor world record for men’s shot is still held by Randy Barnes, with a score of 23.12. Cruze’s best outdoor result was 22m 91 last year.