“Away Dragon” Manchester United continue to lead the Premier League

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I believe that many sports fans are familiar with the term”home dragon”, which means that the team’s record at home is very good. This aspect is closely related to the level of competition. Indivisible, of course, a large part of the reason may also be related to the atmosphere of the home court. But there is a team in the Premier League. Their record at home is very mediocre, but in the away game, it is Lien Chan and wins. It is not someone else, it is the early morning to win the Fulham returned to the top of the standings for Manchester United. Yes, they won away games. Today’s”Away Dragon” is none other than them.

The last round of”Double Reds” failed to get a little bargain on the defending champions, which made Manchester United miss the opportunity to expand the lead of the standings, but this time, they faced mediocre strength. Fulham, another away game, Manchester United are very confident. Sure enough, the team finally reversed their opponents 2-1 and was able to continue to lead the standings. What’s more interesting is that they further established themselves as the”Away Dragon”.

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According to Sky Sports statistics, Manchester United has tied the best ever Premier League away game unbeaten record (17 games) in team history. In the past 367 days, the”Red Devils” 17 away games in the Premier League have achieved 13 wins and 4 draws, and they have tied the game. The best ever Premier League away unbeaten record in team history. Manchester United also won 17 consecutive away games in the Premier League from December 1998 to September 1999. That season, Sir Alex Ferguson led the Red Devils. Won an unprecedented triple crown. So far this season, Manchester United’s away record in the Premier League is 8 wins and 2 draws. It is the only team in the Premier League that has not lost an away game. Manchester United has scored 26 points and 24 goals in the away game this season, ranking first in the Premier League in both statistics.

What is the reason for playing so well away? British media analysis said that this may be related to the current match arrangement. Due to the epidemic, most of the Premier League matches are currently played empty, and the”home advantage” of each team almost no longer exists. For Manchester United , They will have a lot less pressure on the away game, which will also help them play. But what is a bit embarrassing is that although their away record is the best in the Premier League, they did not perform well at Old Trafford, and they have lost consecutively to Crystal Palace and Arsenal, they also lost 1 to 6 to Tottenham, but perhaps this is also related to the fact that there are no fans to watch the game. The 76,000-man Old Trafford is empty, other away teams When I get here, I’m not so scared or cautious.