Battier recalls the blinding defense of Kobe:Kobe cracked

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=9323c166cebfb5d6549c9ccda49c5d43 - Battier recalls the blinding defense of Kobe:Kobe crackedLive it, January 24. When Battier was connected to a basketball reporter on a live video broadcast, he recalled his blinding defense against Kobe.

The basketball reporter asked:”Blindfolding Dafa is your signature defensive action. How did he respond when you used this trick to him for the first time?”

Battier replied:”Kobe is such a great competitor, he thinks nothing can affect him. I want to use this trick to influence him, because I want to block his shooting sight, but for Kobe In order to prove that this trick is not useful for him, he will dribble and shoot more.”

“In terms of statistics, this is his weakest link, with a shooting rate of only about 45%, but He was still able to rank in the top ten in the league. But unlike those shooting from the basket, switching offenses, and horns, I told him to try to beat my blindfolding method. He did it and cracked my cover-up defense. .” Battier added.

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=2dae85cf4d645a0d659e6b9f93a65f39 - Battier recalls the blinding defense of Kobe:Kobe cracked

The basketball reporter asks again:Kobe has never been anxious with you, sprayed trash talk?

“We have never spoken trash, nor did I talk to Kobe outside the arena. I think this is a psychological warfare,” Battier continues to recall:”Sometimes Kobe will I found me before the game, gave me a hug or smiled or told a joke. But the next day he became cold and cold, he would not look at me, he would not hold my hand, this is our psychological warfare . But I have never been anxious with him, and I have never wanted to anger him in the past.”

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