Beijing men’s basketball team apologizes:sorry for failing to manage the emotions of the team

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=1d11e3cbc573b1fffaa855b016b9446d - Beijing men's basketball team apologizes:sorry for failing to manage the emotions of the teamDear fans and friends:On January 10, 2021, the 28th round of the 2020-2021 season CBA League, Beijing With 1.7 seconds remaining in the match between Shougang and Shenzhen Marco Polo, they were uncomfortable due to dissatisfaction with the penalty. Here, the Beijing Shougang Basketball Club apologizes . We failed to manage the team’s emotions in the game, failed to maintain the order of the game in the first time, and failed to always remember to fully convey positive energy. Not only did the content that shouldn’t appear on the field affect the normal game, but also the attention The fans and friends of the Beijing Shougang game are more worried and less happy. Sorry.

Since the incident, we have been listening carefully to all criticisms and corrections, opinions and suggestions, and at the same time actively communicate and communicate internally to fully understand our omissions and deficiencies.

During our self-examination and reflection, we are more clearly aware-we have Beijing printed on our chest, no matter when and where, we must always remember where we start and why we are fighting. To shoulder the expectations of the city of Beijing and work tirelessly for it.

Especially the fans and media friends who have always stood with us. You are the most precious wealth and glory, and we should do our best to become your pride. I am very sorry to let everyone down. We will build a professional club in a better way and achieve a better team in the future. We will give back to you without reservation and bring you happiness.

Thank you for the supervision and help of the CBA League and brother clubs. Beijing Shougang Basketball Club will learn lessons, make serious adjustments, dedicate wonderful competition to the CBA arena, deliver positive energy to people who love basketball, and contribute to the development of China’s basketball career.

Beijing Shougang Basketball Club

January 12, 2021

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