Beijing Shougang issued an apology after the CBA penalty results were released

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On the evening of January 11, in response to the controversial event that occurred in the previous match between Beijing Shougang and the Shenzhen team, the CBA officially announced the Beijing men’s basketball coach Xie Libin and captain Zhai Xiaochuan‘s punishment-Xie Libin suspended for 4 games and was fined 20,000 yuan. Zhai Xiaochuan notified the criticism and fined 30,000 yuan. A few hours later, on the morning of the 12th, the Shougang Men’s Basketball team apologized through the official Weibo.

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The CBA regular season Shenzhen Men’s Basketball Team and Beijing Shougang Men’s Basketball Team held on the evening of January 10th With 1.7 seconds left in regular time, the Shenzhen team’s foreign aid Booker fell to the ground after making physical contact with the defending Beijing team player Liu Xiaoyu while shooting. The head referee on duty did not buzz the whistle for the first time to judge a foul, and then watched the video replay to judge a violation of Liu Xiaoyu. At this time, a farcical scene occurred. The Beijing team, including player Zhai Xiaochuan, expressed strong dissatisfaction with the penalty, because this penalty is very likely to end the game.

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After that, the coach Xie Libin shouted”why” and came to the technical stage to question, and even once left the field, some players also followed Xie Libin to the sidelines and assumed a”no fight” posture. Although Zhai Xiaochuan returned to the court under the persuasion of Shenzhen player Shen Zijie, he was still very excited and shouted:”How to blow Why did you bully us like this? Why did you violate your body? What happened to Beijing, what happened to Beijing?!” After the”farce” lasted for 5 minutes, the Shougang team finally returned to the court and Shenzhen passed the free throw 95-92. Kill Beijing.

At the press conference after the game, Xie Libin said nothing. The Shougang team even posted a black photo on Weibo on the second day, meaning that the referee blew the black whistle. Regarding the punishment of Liu Xiaoyu, many fans and professionals also immediately started discussions on the Internet, and disputes arose. However, more voices believe that the referee’s penalty is not a problem, and accusing the Beijing team of irrational behavior is a performance that does not respect the game and the rules. Behind the”farce” has once again exposed the current increasingly conflicting relationship between referees, coaches and players in the CBA, and the overall image of the CBA has again been negatively affected.

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On January 11, in the “CBA League’s Letter on Penalties for Violations Related to the Match between Beijing Shougang and Shenzhen Marco Polo” issued by the CBA, the CBA Company believed that Shougang’s coach Xie Libin and captain Zhai Xiaochuan were in The behavior in the game violated the relevant regulations of the league and caused a bad impact on the league, so penalties were imposed in accordance with the law. However, some fans did not agree with this, thinking that Zhai Xiaochuan was only fined and the penalty decision for non-stop game was”too light.”

On the morning of the 12th, after the storm, the Beijing Shougang Men’s Basketball Team apologized via Weibo, saying that it was dissatisfied with the penalties and showed uncomfortable behavior. “We failed to manage the team’s emotions in the game and failed to be in the game. Maintaining the order of the stadium for a while, failing to always remember to fully convey positive energy, not only caused the content that should not appear on the stadium to affect the normal game, but also made the fans and friends who follow the Beijing Shougang game more worry and less happiness. Sorry.”

Comprehensive report by cover reporter Zhong Yuheng

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