Beijing Shougang men’s basketball team apologizes:failed to manage the team’s emotions

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On January 12, the Beijing Shougang Basketball Club issued a post on its official Weibo to apologize for its uncomfortable behavior in the game against the Shenzhen basketball team the day before. It said that it failed to manage the team’s emotions in the game and failed to be in the first place. Time maintains the order of the arena, and fails to always remember to fully convey positive energy. Not only does the content that shouldn’t appear on the arena affect the normal game, but it also makes fans and friends who follow the Beijing Shougang game more worry and less happy.

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The full text is as follows:

Dear fans and friends:On January 10, 2021, the 2020-2021 season CBA In the 28th round of the CBA league, Beijing Shougang and Shenzhen Marco Polo had 1.7 seconds left in the match. They were dissatisfied with the penalty and acted uncomfortably. Here, Beijing Shougang Basketball Club solemnly apologizes. We failed to manage the team’s emotions in the game, failed to maintain the order of the game in the first time, and failed to always remember to fully convey positive energy. Not only did the content that shouldn’t appear on the game affect the normal game, but it also attracted attention. The fans and friends of the Beijing Shougang game are more worried and less happy. Sorry.

Since the incident, we have been listening carefully to all criticisms and corrections, opinions and suggestions, and at the same time actively communicate and communicate internally to fully understand our omissions and deficiencies.

During our self-examination and reflection, we are more clearly aware-we have Beijing printed on our chest, no matter when and where, we must always remember where we start and why we are fighting. To shoulder the expectations of the city of Beijing and work tirelessly for it.

Especially the fans and media friends who have always stood with us. You are the most precious wealth and glory. We should go all out to be your pride. I am very sorry to let everyone down. We will build a professional club in a better way and achieve a better team in the future. We will give back to you without reservation and bring you happiness.

Thank you for the supervision and help of the CBA League and brother clubs. Beijing Shougang Basketball Club will learn lessons, make serious adjustments, dedicate wonderful competition to the CBA arena, deliver positive energy to people who love basketball, and contribute to the development of China’s basketball cause.

Beijing Shougang Basketball Club

January 12, 2021

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“CBA League Regarding Beijing Shougang vs. Shenzhen Letter on Penalties for Violations Related to Marco Polo Matches”

All clubs and regions:

January 10, 2021, the 28th round of the 2020-2021 CBA League regular season ( Order 277). When the Beijing Duck Shougang Basketball Team (hereinafter referred to as the”Beijing Team”) and the Marco Polo Basketball Team of Shenzhen New Century Navigator Club progressed to 1.7 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, the referee used the Real-time playback system, the Beijing team’s No. 10 player was fined for violating sportsmanship fouls, and then the Beijing team’s No. 20 player was Zhai Xiaochuan continued to loudly question the referee’s penalties; Beijing team coach Xie Libin questioned the referee’s penalties, and did not stop his team’s players from questioning the referee’s behavior, and led some team members without the referee If allowed, leave the playing field and interfere with the normal progress of the game.

The above behavior violates the relevant regulations of the CBA League and has a negative impact on the CBA League. In order to maintain the normal order and good image of the league, strict league discipline, in accordance with the 2020-2021 season”Chinese Men’s Basketball Professional League Disciplinary Guidelines” (hereinafter referred to as”Disciplinary Guidelines”) Chapter 2, Article 24, paragraph 1 , Gave the Beijing team’s No. 20 player Zhai Xiaochuan a circular of criticism and fined RMB 30,000.

According to the provisions of Article 47, Paragraph 1 of Chapter 4 of the Disciplinary Guidelines, Beijing team coach Xie Libin will be given a penalty of notifying criticism and suspended for 4 games. The suspension will be January 2021. The 30th round on the 14th (field order 291), the 31st round on January 16, 2021 (field order 301), the 32nd round on January 18, 2021 (field order 311), January 2021 In the 33rd round on the 23rd (No. 329), he was fined RMB 20,000.

The payment of fines for the above persons shall be handled in accordance with the provisions of Article 14 of Chapter 1 of the Disciplinary Guidelines.

In addition, after the game, the Beijing team’s team members deliberately kicked the side seat, and the public water fountain in the Beijing team’s lounge was artificially damaged.

According to Article 24, Paragraph 4 of Chapter 2 of the Disciplinary Standards, the Beijing Shougang Club Announce criticism and reduce the penalty of RMB 10,000 for the club’s league funding. The Beijing Shougang Club is also required to compensate the damaged public drinking fountains at the price within 72 hours starting from 10 am the next day after the CBA Alliance sends a scanned copy of the decision to the club.

I hereby inform you.

China Basketball Association (Beijing) Sports Co., Ltd.

January 11, 2012

Source:Beijing Shougang Basketball Club