Biden’s four high-ranking officials expressed their”victory over China”, and China hit back with two heavy blows!

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Biden will the government be friendly to China? What kind of relationship are you planning to develop with China? If there were people who had illusions before, then the answer is now there.

According to World Wide Web reports, Biden’s core staff have begun to express their views, and their attitude towards China is not friendly. Blincol, the Secretary of State nominated by Biden, clearly stated”President Trump is right to take a tougher attitude towards China.” On the same day, the US Congress was full of discussions about”China Challenges” and”Victory China”.

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Langpu:You are also against China, right? Biden:Hmm…

During the hearing in Congress, Biden nominated Secretary of State Blincol, Director of National Intelligence Haynes, Secretary of Treasury.Yellen and Secretary of Defense candidate Austin both expressed that they would face the”Chinese challenge” and”win China”. Brinken also expressed the meaning of an argument with the Trump administration on the Taiwan issue. He said that”the Biden administration will absolutely continue these commitments to ensure that Taiwan is capable of (self-defense).” Brinken also expressed his desire to see Taiwan play a greater role in all parts of the world, including in international organizations. Brinken also said that Hong Kong’s”democracy is being trampled on” and that the United States should respond more quickly.

Look at these arguments, are they different from the Trump administration? Not only Brinken, but also Haynes, the director of national intelligence, Yellen, the secretary of finance, and Austin, the secretary of defense, all expressed their hard-line stance on China at the hearing. They all declared that they would”beat China” and take more” Proactive” position.

The above-mentioned key figures in the Biden administration have all expressed their tough stance on China. Many people may not understand why. Regarding this point, Zhanhao has actually analyzed it a long time ago. Although the two parties in the United States tear each other mercilessly and it is very difficult to reach a consensus, the two parties in the United States are surprisingly unanimous on one thing, that is, they are hostile to China. Both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party believe that China is the biggest threat, and they both believe that they should be tough on China. The only difference between them is the way they choose, and that’s it.

As long as we understand this, we won’t have any unrealistic illusions about the United States. In fact, in Zhanhao’s view, the Biden administration may overturn many of the policies of the Trump administration, but the only ones that will not overturn are those policies directed at China, such as the suppression of China and the Indo-Pacific strategy.

So, will the Biden administration adjust some of its China strategies?

Zhanhao’s point of view is very clear and will be fine-tuned. The reason for the fine-tuning is simple. Trump has tossed too hard. Biden has fewer chips than Trump. He has to make adjustments. This is forced by the situation.

However, how much the Biden administration will fine-tune its attitude toward China depends on China’s attitude. The more China has illusions about the United States, the more it will fuel the arrogance of the Biden administration. The more difficult it will be for China and the United States to reach more consensus and the greater the consumption. On the contrary, the clearer China’s position and the clearer its attitude, the more the Biden administration has to weigh it. Only when the two sides negotiate can they obtain some sincerity from the United States and reach some consensus.

In this regard, the Chinese government is very sober, and we can see the leopard from the two heavy blows China has made against the United States in the past two days.

First punch:

On January 18, at the regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the spokesperson Hua Chunying“call the name” of the United States Army Institute of Infectious Disease Medicine in Fort Detrick, Maryland.

Hua Chunying said:I want to emphasize that if the United States really respects the facts, please open up Fort Detrick

span> the base, and disclosed more facts about the more than 200 biological laboratories abroad in the United States, and invited WHO experts to go to the United States to conduct traceability investigations, respond to the concerns of the international community, and give the international community an explanation with practical actions. It is hoped that individual politicians in the United States will respect science, show a minimum of conscience, stop playing tricks of”waving the pot” and political games, and provide a good environment for international traceability cooperation and international anti-epidemic cooperation. This is what should be done now.

The reason why this is a heavy punch is that the important reason is that there is an unexpected surprise behind the Fort Detrick Biochemical Weapon Base!

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Fort Detrick’s biological weapons base has a long history and can Dating back to before World War II, after World War II, it also absorbed Japanese Unit 731 who committed numerous crimes in China. The United States, on condition that it exempts the”Unit 731″ from the war responsibility of its members, obtained a large amount of data from the”Unit 731″ to conduct human experiments and conduct germ warfare with Chinese people. Fort Detrick also stores dozens of deadly”specific biological agents and toxins” such as Ebola virus, Bacillus anthracis, and Brucella, and conducts experimental research on related testing reagents, drugs, and vaccines.

As early as June and July 2019, there were a large number of reports in the US media about the virus leak in the Fort Detrick Laboratory, and there were also some unknown pneumonia cases near the base. This information was later deleted. In August and September, according to US media reports, thousands of cases of unidentified pneumonia around Fort Detrick had been reported, and US officials attributed it to electronic cigarettes.

Later, the weather became cold, and a large-scale influenza appeared in the United States. The United States no longer attributed unknown pneumonia to electronic cigarettes, but began to attribute it to influenza. Regarding Fort Detrick Labs, the United States has not only kept secrets, it has even been extremely sensitive. I remember that after Zhao Lijian questioned Fort Detrick for the first time last year, the U.S. response was extraordinary. Obviously this place is the weak underbelly of the U.S.

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Now, the Trump As the Deng government is about to begin its term, Hua Chunying’s re-promotion of Fort Detrick’s Biochemical Base is really poking into the weakness and pain of the United States. If the United States is magnanimous, then it will accept WHO’s expert investigation. However, in the face of China’s doubts, the United States dare not even say a word in reply.

From this we can also see that the Fort Detrick Laboratory is worthy of constant questioning when dealing with the United States in the future. This is a key weakness of the United States, which can counterattack and pressure the United States. The role is very valuable.

The second heavy punch:

In the early morning of January 21, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs suddenly announced that it would be against data including Pompeo, Navarro, O’Brien, Pottinger, Bolton, Bannon and other 28 US anti-China politicians imposed sanctions. The full text is as follows:

Past In the past few years, some anti-China politicians in the United States, out of their own political self-interest and prejudice and hatred towards China, have planned and promoted a series of crazy actions in disregard of the interests of the people of China and the United States, seriously interfering in China’s internal affairs, harming China’s interests and harming. The feelings of the Chinese people have also been seriously damaged China-US relations. The determination of the Chinese government to defend national sovereignty, security and development interests is unwavering. China has decided to impose sanctions on 28 people who have seriously violated China’s sovereignty and are primarily responsible for China-related issues, including Pompeo, Navarro, O’Brien, Starwell, Pottinger, and Ahmad in the Trump administration. Zha, Kraqi, Kraft, Bolton, Bannon, etc. These people and their families are prohibited from entering China, Hong Kong and Macau. They and their affiliated companies and institutions have also been restricted from dealing with and doing business with China.

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China’s move this time can be described as stable ruthless. Why is it stable and ruthless? This is because if China’s sanctions are not so precise in terms of timing, they will not have the effect of deterrence, nor will they have the effect of influencing the decisions of the US government. And now, at the same time as the US government is handing over, China has announced that it will impose severe sanctions on the anti-China politicians of the previous administration, which can have at least three major effects:

First, precision strikes, Settling accounts after autumn

The targets of this sanction are all American politicians who have done a lot of bad things against China before. It is very precise. Moreover, this is the autumn afterwards. After this sanction, these people are no longer in position and have lost the ability to fight back. Therefore, after autumn, the settlement is really cruel. After all, the sanctions this time are not ordinary sanctions. Not only do they prohibit these 28 people from entering mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau, but also their family members. At the same time, the companies and institutions associated with them have also been restricted from dealing with and doing business with China, which means that they are anti-China, and the institutions and companies that support them are suffering, and these losses will be real.

Second. Killing the chicken and the monkey

If China can settle accounts with the Trump administration politicians, then it dares to settle accounts with the Biden administration politicians, then this is actually The above is killing chickens and monkeys. If officials in the Biden administration are going to be anti-China like those politicians, then wait for China to settle accounts after the fall. In particular, the companies and institutions behind them must weigh their own interests, so that they will remind relevant politicians that they will not be as extreme as anti-China.

3. Remind the Biden administration

On the first day the Biden administration took office, China severely sanctioned the Trump administration’s dignitaries. This is actually I am telling the Biden administration that China is not afraid of the U.S. government. If the White House must be an enemy of China, then we will do it with a real sword. This attitude is to remind the Biden administration to be cautious in dealing with China and not to be blindly tough.

In Zhanhao’s view, these two heavy punches were very good, and the timing was just right, and they played a role in playing the game. Moreover, this is also a very little test. If the Biden administration is going to mess around, then the sanctions this time will be a touchstone.

The Biden administration’s China policy will definitely be fine-tuned, but it will not make major adjustments. We must have a deep understanding of this, and we must first base ourselves on the struggle before there can be real partial relaxation. Seeking peace through struggle means peace!