Breaking into 500,000 Americans in a month, Mexico was”occupied”, but it was too late to regret

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As we all know, the new crown epidemic that lasted for a year, not only did not dissipate, but ushered in a second full outbreak. In response to this situation, our country’s anti-epidemic expert Zhong Nanshan once reminded Chinese people that there are two major crises facing the future, one is the mutant virus and the other It is imported from abroad. Right now, another country has”fallen” because 500,000 Americans broke into it in a month. This country is Mexico. YesandI want to see, now the country must regret that it had agreed to a large number of Americans, but it is too late to block it!

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The survey results show that American tourists are the leading factor leading to the loss of control of the domestic epidemic

According to Observer.com, the news that the number of confirmed new crown cases in Mexico has increased sharply has caused international organizations’ highly valued. Through a series of investigations, it was discovered that the domestic out-of-control epidemic was related to the large number of imported American tourists. During the outbreak, although the U.S. government called on the masses to go out as little as possible, Americans were used to a free and unconventional life and could not stay at home for a long time. In the later period, the US government relaxed a little, and international flights were gradually unblocked, so a large number of Americans began to go out, choosing to flee to countries where the epidemic is not serious and at the same time willing to accept them. In this way, Mexico became the preferred destination, and the country never expected that disaster would come because of the arrival of the Americans.

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The Mexican government is very regretful, this time it has to pay for the original naivety

Mexico’s tourism industry is the country’s main source of income, but the country’s economic After being hit hard, the tourism industry gradually recovered after the countries were unblocked. Therefore, the Mexican government sees that so many Americans choose to come to the country and thinks that it is a good thing, which can greatly promote the development of the domestic tourism industry and service industry in order to promote the recovery of the economy. What I didn’t expect was that these Americans brought along the new crown virus while bringing economic benefits. The more cases there are, the more Mexico has fallen through continuous cross-infection.

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Faced with this situation, there are now two different voices in Mexico. Some people think that the domestic epidemic is out of control and the Americans’ input This is the main reason, so it is required to expel these American tourists, and strengthen the detection of imported people and restrict the imported population. However, some Mexicans believe that the epidemic may not have been brought by Americans, and they also claimed that Americans’ importation is important to the country’s tertiary industry. The economic development of China has great benefits. Taking into account economic development, Americans should not be deported.

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But generally speaking, most Mexicans still advocate the first point of view, thinking that this sensitive period should not allow large numbers of Americans Now, after all, the domestic epidemic in the United States has always been the worst in the world. According to data, the number of confirmed cases in the United States has exceeded 23 million, and the death toll has reached 380,000. In addition, there have been a large number of asymptomatic infections, which are invisible on the surface, so there is a great import risk.

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In fact, the most effective way is to block flights and cancel the entry of foreigners. However, the Mexican government is too concerned about economic development and is uncomfortable. If the Mexican government cannot ban Americans from entering the country, it is imperative to strengthen import testing and require imported people to undergo a two-week quarantine period. Of course, according to the global situation, nowadays it is not only necessary to target imports from the United States, but also to be vigilant to the entire importing population, otherwise the situation will only get worse.

In the face of the second outbreak, all countries Begin to advance the vaccination plan, but some countries that have not received vaccine support can only reduce transmission by strengthening protection measures. I believe that humanity is still a long way from victory in this battle against the epidemic. Because the success of individual countries in the fight against the epidemic does not represent all of them, the WHO has also warned that as long as there is one patient in the world, there is a possibility of transmission.


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