Can we use the energy of black holes? May solve the energy problem

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Can we use the energy of black holes? May solve the energy problem

The famous scientist Stephen Hawking said that black holes can release energy through quantum mechanics. Scientists Roger Blandford and Roman Znajek believe that electromagnetic torque is the main way to extract black hole energy.

Recently published in “Physics Review D” in the research report, Columbia University physicist Luca Comisso (Luca Comisso) and Chilean Adolf Ibenez University physicist Ferry Felipe Asenjo discovered that by destroying and reconnecting the magnetic field lines near the black hole horizon, energy can be extracted from the black hole. At this location, nothing, including light, can escape the black hole’s gravitational constraints.

The first author of the research report, Comiso said: “Black holes are usually surrounded by a’soup’ of plasma particles with a magnetic field. The theory shows that when the magnetic field lines are disconnected and reconnected in the correct way, they Plasma particles can be accelerated to negative energy, which is enough to be extracted from a black hole. This discovery allows astronomers to better evaluate the spin conditions of black holes, drives the release of black hole energy, and can even provide energy for advanced civilizations.”</ p>

The theoretical premise proposed by Comiso and Asenjo is that reconnecting the magnetic field will accelerate the plasma particles in two different directions. Some plasma streams are pushed to the direction of the black hole’s spin, while others are pushed to Spin direction, and can escape the black hole’s gravitational restraint. If the plasma swallowed by the black hole has negative energy, it will release energy accordingly.

Comiso said: “It’s like someone loses weight by eating’negative calorie’ candy. Black holes essentially lose energy by swallowing negative energy particles, which sounds a bit strange, but it It may happen in an area called the energy layer, where the space-time continuum rotates so fast that every object rotates in the same direction as the black hole.”

In the energy layer, magnetic reconnection is very rare , Will cause the plasma particle speed to accelerate to the speed of light, the research report co-author Asenho explained that the high relative velocity between the captured and escaped plasma stream is the reason for the large amount of energy extracted from the black hole.

Asenho said: “We have calculated that the plasma is excited to achieve 150% efficiency, which is far more than any power plant on the planet. In fact, more than 100% efficiency can be achieved because Black holes will lose energy, and this energy is provided for free to the plasma that escapes from the black hole.”

Extracting energy from black holes may be the answer to humans’ energy needs in the future. Comiso said: “In the coming thousands or millions of years, humans may live around black holes without using stellar energy. This is essentially a technical problem. If you look at physics, nothing can stop it. The plan is realized!”