Cannavaro:ready to go back to Europe to coach, and often compare himself with the famous coach in China

By yqqlm yqqlm

Tiger Fighting on January 26, according to the”Inter 1908″ website, recently, Evergrande coach Cannavaro When participating in a live broadcast, he said that he was ready to return to Europe to coach.

“Last year Evergrande focused on introducing Brazilian players and naturalizing them as Chinese internationals. The team strength is still good. We lost the league finals? The first round Suning didn’t have a shot on target. In the second round, Suning scored two goals with two shots. Although there is a language barrier, I scored in three years. Won two Chinese Super League runners-up and one champion.” Cannavaro defended himself.

Kashuai continued:”The reason why I came to China to coach is because I can accumulate experience. I want to grow up as a coach and understand many things. Compared with 2015 (Note:Cannavaro) I’ve been different for the first time as the head coach of Evergrande). Today, I feel that I have a lot of knowledge and my own coaching system.”

For my future, Kashuai said:”I am ready to return to Europe as a coach. I have a heavyweight contract with Evergrande, but I am fine now, and I am ready to return to Europe. Maybe you will see one in Italy. This is a special style of play originated from overseas. I want to try to see if my system can also work in Europe. In China, I often compare myself with those famous coaches.”

(Edit:Yao Fan)