Carragher:I don’t want to see a crushing champion anymore, I hope Liverpool will win it at the last minute

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=c961ae333828eefd71f8adef6fdf44fb - Carragher:I don't want to see a crushing champion anymore, I hope Liverpool will win it at the last minuteLiverpool has 3 draws and 1 loss in the last 4 rounds of the league, and the league ranking has fallen to fourth place. In an interview with GOAL, Reds star Carragher maintained confidence in Liverpool’s defending Premier League champion, and he also hopes to see a more intense competition Season.

Carragher said:”I will not use the word’panic’ to describe the situation Liverpool is facing, because they have proven themselves time and time again in recent years. But the team does have problems at the moment. Need to be resolved.”

“You can’t say that Salah and Mane are no longer good, they are both in their recent state Some declines, and this is the situation. At the same time, other teams are thinking about fighting Liverpool.”

“I think that in When Klopp first coached the Reds, the team struggled against a deep defensive team, as did at Anfield. Liverpool will lose points in these games, but in the past few years, this The situation seems to have disappeared. It now appears that they have a problem with offense. In the past three league games, 9 points, you expected them to get at least 7 points.”

“Everyone is talking The team lost Van Dijk, but the strange thing is that if you look at the game data, the team’s defense is not due to the lack of Van Dijk It’s disappointing. Of course, you miss a player like Van Dijk for many other reasons. For example, he started organizing the offense in the backcourt. Liverpool did a great job in this regard.”

“This Liverpool lineup was very balanced last season. From the perspective of the game, the team sometimes played very directly. For example, Van Dyke played a long pass directly from the backcourt or changed positions between players. Lightning. At this moment, I think the pace of the game has slowed down, probably because the team started to organize attacks from the backcourt. Van Dijk is unique because he not only has outstanding defense, but also his excellent The ability to hold the ball.”

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=42068302cfc7b17a5769e85213d739c8 - Carragher:I don't want to see a crushing champion anymore, I hope Liverpool will win it at the last minute

A more competitive Premier League?

Carragher said:”We hoped that other teams could close the gap with Liverpool, because we all want to see a more competitive league than last season.”

< p>”From Liverpool’s point of view, it’s great to win the league in the same way as last season, but you still want to see a competitive championship battle, which did not happen last season. We don’t I hope that any team will lead by two or thirty points at the top of the list. Although I hope Liverpool will win the league championship, it is also obvious that I want to see them win in an exciting way on the last day of the championship. Champions, come to the end.”

“If the top two teams in the league end with 100 or 99 points each season, it means that other teams can get fewer points, and the teams that rank lower In the dilemma of no points to take, it is difficult for the teams in the front row of the standings to squeeze into the championship group.”

Carla Grid added:”I hope that the points required to win the Premier League this season are less than 90 points, which means we will have a more interesting championship battle, which is exactly what the league is currently in. This week. You think Manchester United is out, but after two weeks they rushed to the top of the list. Tottenham have also been the leader for a while, Chelsea some The stage is also extremely threatening.”

“My personal opinion, the championship team that can reach the end of the season will still be Man City and Liverpool, but Manchester United is definitely a potential winning team.”