CBA | Beijing Enterprises exclusively kills”Giant Killer” and happily defeats Jilin

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Beijing Controls’ men’s basketball team played beautiful basketball one after another. On the evening of January 12th, the Beikong team ushered in its old rival Jilin in the 29th round of the CBA League in Zhuji Jiyang University Gymnasium. This is the fourth and last time the two teams have met in the regular season of the season. After four quarters of fierce battle, the Beikong team defeated their opponents 105 to 92 neatly and rewritten the game against Jilin team this season to 2 to 2, and ushered in two consecutive victories. The next round of the Beijing Enterprises Men’s Basketball Team will face defending champion Guangdong Hongyuan this Friday.

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The Jilin team is currently in a five-game winning streak, ranking sixth in the league, and can be called a big dark horse in the CBA league this season . After entering the New Year, the Jilin team has not tasted the taste of losing. Among the five opponents they have defeated in a row, they include the Fujian team and Tianjin team in the last game of the league, and the Guangdong team, the tenth champion of the league. Very good, even more famous as the”Giant Killer” of the league, the core of the team is the super foreign aid Dominic Jones. The Beikong men’s basketball team has played tepidly so far this season, and the games that should be won have basically been won. The overall performance is still satisfactory to the fans. In the last round, they defeated Shanghai by a big score, and the team is in excellent form. In the last clash with Jilin, the North Control team won the game through overtime.

In the first quarter, Beijing Enterprises continued to enter the state quickly, and it feels full when it comes up. In the first quarter alone, Joseph Yang, Zhang Fan, and Sun Yue hit three-pointers in succession. In this quarter, North Control was on the outside. There are 15 points credited. However, Jones was not excited enough to shoot or even dribble, so he was hit by the coach at the end of the quarter. Wang Han After a break, Beijing Controls beat its opponent by 10 points in this section. At the beginning of the second quarter, Marbury let Joseph Young go off the court to make adjustments, but during the time when Harrison came off the bench, Beijing Controls There was a problem on the offense. Harrison was not very helpful to the team on both ends of the offense and defense. The Jilin team took the opportunity to get close to the score, and at one point it turned back more than once. Lao Ma had no choice but to return to Joseph Young, and Beijing Control was able to retain a 7-point lead at the end of the midfield. In the first half, the efficiency of the outside team of Beijing Enterprises was good, making a total of 9 3-pointers.

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Yi Bian’er fights again, the North Control team’s firepower remains undiminished, but Jones still can’t find the feeling and passion of killing the Guangdong team. , With repeated mistakes, the Jilin team overwhelmed the burden of offense on Jones, a vicious circle, and the North Control team took this to further widen the point difference. Although Andrew Harrison is not good at scoring, he did well on the defensive end in this quarter. Marbury also took him for a long time. Put it on the court. In the second half of the decisive quarter, Marbury replaced Joseph Young again, ready to close the net, the latter also met the expectations of consecutive shots. Under the instructions of Lao Ma, the North Control team accurately controlled the rhythm on the field, spent time on offensive and finally shot, and could maintain a very high success rate. This trick made the Jilin team hopeless to chase points and had no choice but to admit defeat.

Following the big score defeat of the Shanghai team, Beijing Enterprises once again played a classic and highly targeted offensive and defensive battle. Joseph Young played a leading role, scoring 33 points and sending 11 assists. Among the domestic players Yu Changdong played the best, with 21 points and 18 rebounds reflecting his important value to the North Control team. On the defensive end, the North Control only allowed Jones, who scored four or fifty points per game, to score 26 points, completely restraining the super foreign player’s performance, which is also the key to the victory of the North Control.

In the last two games, Beijing Enterprises stopped Shanghai’s 6-game winning streak, and then Jilin’s 5-game winning streak. Although they are not giant killers, both Jilin and Shanghai teams were not long ago. An upset victory over the Guangdong team is known as the”Giant Killer”, and the Beijing Enterprises Men’s Basketball Team has become a team that specializes in killing the”Giant Killer”.

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