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China News Service, Beijing, January 12th, title:CBA the second half:the regular season champion has”sourced” post-season It’s difficult to determine where the seats will end up

China News Service reporter Wang Zumin

The 2020-2021 season CBA League will be completed on the evening of the 11thregular season, although the suspense of the regular season championship and playoff seats is still”seeing flowers in the fog”, several major camps have surfaced.

The first group:Basically delineate the source of the regular season champions

After the half-time battle, the top four Liaoning, Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Xinjiang are relatively The stable first group also basically”delineated” the”source” of this season’s regular season champion.

However, unlike the Guangdong team last season, the current”Four-Final League” is not far behind each other, and there may be changes in ranking in the second half.

The Liaoning team, which locked in the half-time championship, is still the biggest favorite for the regular season championship, but the stamina of the Guangdong team cannot be underestimated.

After losing to the Zhejiang team in the opening game, the defending champion has not tasted the first place. But after Yi Jianlian’s absence and the return of strong foreign aid Ma Shang, the Guangdong team moved forward steadily. Coupled with the background of the”ten crowns” and the experience of fighting against evil, the Guangdong team is still expected to replace the Liaoning team and return to its”habitual” leader position in the second half of the competition.

Zhejiang team, whose average age is less than 22 years old, performed amazingly in the first stage, winning ten consecutive victories, and tied with the Liaoning team with 11 wins and 1 loss. But in the second stage, this youth army has shown a lack of stamina. It also has 8 wins and 4 losses in 12 rounds (4 byes), dropping to third place.

Among the current semi-finals, only the Zhejiang team has not tainted the championship. In the more brutal second half of the event, the most likely to be left behind is this youth army that is not prepared for a fierce battle. If so, fill the top four positions, or the Jilin team or the Shandong team currently ranked fifth and sixth.

Second camp:Playoffs The competition for seats is unprecedentedly fierce

Jilin team and Shandong team are in the gap between the first group and the second camp. Although it is not easy to win the championship, they have no worries about the playoff seats.

Jilin team ranked fourth in the first stage as the biggest dark horse, but in the second stage, the horse blundered, 4 wins and 7 losses in the first 11 games, and the ranking once fell to seventh. Now the Siberian Tigers have a tendency to return to the courage, with 5 consecutive victories to widen the gap with the second camp, together with the Shandong team became the”candidate” of the first group.

Shenzhen team replaced Jilin team as the biggest dark horse in the second stage. Now the Shenzhen team, which holds an 8-game winning streak, has jumped from the 14th in the first stage to the current seventh, becoming the leader of the second group.

The”triple crown” Beijing team and the 2017-2018 season runner-up Zhejiang Guangsha team both”struggled” on the edge of the playoffs, which was beyond the expectations of most fans. Affected by Jeremy Lin’s departure from the team and the dissatisfaction of foreign teachers, the Beijing Brigade, which once claimed to win the championship, is now out of the top 12. The downturn of the Guangsha team, temporarily ranked 11th, may lie in the offseason signings failure and the instability within the team, but these two teams have a relatively strong team and foundation after all.”It is still expected to lock the playoff seats in the second half.

But at present, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Sichuan, Beijing Enterprises, Guangsha, Shanxi and Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, which are ranked 7-12, are among each other. The gap is very small, who will eventually occupy a place in the playoffs has become one of the biggest attractions in the second half of the regular season.

The third-party camp:brothers and sisters look forward to”miracle”

Jiangsu, Fujian, Nanjing, and Tianjin rank the highest, and there is a clear gap with the second camp. Judging from the overall strength of the teams and their performance this season, it is even more difficult for the four”difficult brothers” to reach the playoffs in the second half.

But what cannot be ignored is that”miracle” often occurs when it is”impossible.” In the last season, the Fujian team once ranked second to last, but eventually reached the top eight comeback”drama”. This season, the Fujian team lost 11 straight in the first stage to the bottom. Now the ranking has risen by two. If they can go all out and seize the opportunity in the second half, it is not just a dream to come back again.

Another team that may create a”miracle” is the Jiangsu team. After coaching by the former national team coach Li Nan this season, the Jiangsu team has not shown any improvement in ranking, but has improved in performance , Especially good at fighting tough battles, the latest three victories came from the strong teams Shandong, Liaoning and Qingdao.

As for the Nanjing and Tianjin teams, which are also 5 wins and 23 losses, the biggest suspense is who will finally get rid of the bottom of this season. (End)

Source:China News Net