“Chinese aircraft carrier killer” destroyed? Pakistan:torn on the spot

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In recent years, Pakistan, in order to protect its national security and sovereignty from infringement, has continuously improved its military strength, and used frequent military exercises to”show its muscles” and let Those”foreign enemies” who are eyeing Pakistan’s land and resources see that Pakistan is not easy to bully.

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Recently, Pakistan held a live ammunition exercise in the North Arabian Sea. It used the British Type 21 As a target ship, the frigate tested two new anti-ship missiles and successfully tore the British target ship known as China’s”aircraft carrier killer” into two on the spot. Judging from the live video screen, the two anti-ship missiles are very powerful, and the British Type 21 frigate that hits was forcibly Hit the bottom of the Arabian Sea.

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Using British ships as targets, Pakistan will test the power of new anti-ship missiles p>

It is understood that the ship used as the test target was the Type 21 frigate purchased by Pakistan from the British Royal Navy during 1993-1994. At that time, a total of six ships of the same type were purchased. The ships are F169, F171, F172, F173, F174, F185. At the time of purchase, we hoped to increase Pakistan’s maritime power. However, with the continuous updating of Pakistan’s naval equipment, these old British frigates have lost their strong maritime competitiveness and gradually reduced to Pakistan’s military exercises. Live target”.

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The Global Times recently quoted US media reports that on April 25, 2020, the Pakistani side had already held the event in the North Arabian Sea. After a large-scale live-fire exercise, many types of anti-ship missiles were tested and the target ship was F185. It is reported that military experts judged through the exercise images that the ship that was used as the target ship sank was F169 or F174.

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It is also worth noting that among the anti-ship missiles tested by Pakistan this time, not only the”Zab” developed and manufactured by Pakistan Anti-ship missiles, as well as the”Eagle Strike-83″ anti-ship missiles made in China. Among them,”Zab” is very similar to China’s C602shore-to-ship missile, and has always been considered a copy of C602; while China’s”Eagle The Hit-83″ anti-ship missile is also a very popular weapon model and export weapon. It is vying for the first place by Pakistan, Iran, Myanmar, and Thailand. buy.

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Say goodbye to imperial weapons and battleships, and Pakistan trusts Chinese manufacturing more

After entering the 21st century, China’s military ship manufacturing technology has become more and more mature, and its advanced level far exceeds that of the old military weapons manufacturing powers such as Britain and France. This has also caused some countries with insufficient independent research and development capabilities to rush to China’s weapons and ships.

Pakistan used to be a loyal supporter of imperial weapons in the 20th century. However, after entering the 21st century, Pakistan gradually began to say goodbye to imperial weapons and warships, and trusted more in Chinese manufacturing. . From 2009 to 2013, Pakistan ordered 4 F-22Pmissile frigates from China, two of which were tested this time The type of anti-ship missile is to be installed on this frigate.

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Actually, the Pakistani military has a high evaluation of Chinese ships and advanced supporting weapons and electronic systems. It believes that the 054A guided missile frigate The firepower can cover not only the water surface, the air, but also the underwater. It is reported that in August 2020, 054A has officially entered the Pakistan Navy. In the future, the Pakistan Navy will build a larger maritime combat platform. This allows it to contribute to the peace and stability of the Indian Ocean while maintaining its own rights and territorial security.

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