Chinese Super League | Benitez announces he will no longer coach Dalian

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On the evening of January 23, Beijing time, according to British media, the Spanish marshal Benitez has decided not to coach the Dalian Super League due to the epidemic and other factors. Almost at the same time, Benitez publicly wrote a goodbye on the matter through his personal social platform.

In July 2019, Benitez officially coached the Dalianers, and then led the team to the 9th place in the Chinese Super League. In the 2020 Chinese Super League competition, the Dalianers finally ranked 12th in the standings. Prior to this, the club has been actively implementing the team’s preparations for the new season, and the team has also concentrated in Dalian.

However, on the evening of the 23rd, Beijing time, British media revealed that Benitez has decided not to coach the Dalian team and the two sides have reached a consensus on this matter. Soon, Benitez sent a message saying goodbye through his personal social platform. Judging from the content of the article, it is not difficult to judge that Benitez is not at odds with the Dalian Club. He left the coach mainly because of the epidemic. He is worried that once the new season of the Super League is still in a closed environment for conference-based games, he will stay away from his family for a long time.

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In his farewell letter, Benitez wrote,”Unfortunately. Like many things that happened last year, 2019 The new crown virus has changed our lives and our plans. From today onwards, my coaching staff and I will not continue to play in Dalian Professional Football Coaching the club. It’s a wonderful experience. For this I would like to thank all the team leaders, coaches, medical staff and club staff as well as our players. Thank them for putting their commitment first. Thanks to them for their support during our tenure and their extremely hard work. For all of us, the epidemic is still going on. In making this decision, supporting our family has always been our priority.”

In a farewell letter, Benitez expressed his regret and reluctance to leave the handsome position of Dalian, and he also sent a message to the Dalian Club. He wrote:“Behind us, in China, especially in Dalian, this great city, we have left many friends and good memories. There are wise fans there. We try to learn and understand a new culture. , And at the same time use new methods to spread a more professional and European football concept. I believe that the framework and methods we have left can make the plan successful. Since we came here, the first team has been glowing. Vitality, from the grassroots school to the upper level, has laid the foundation for the future. In addition, this is a unique plan that takes into account the players’ training in China, combined with school-level football and training, until it enters the door of professional teams . In this case, I sadly say goodbye, but at the same time I believe that the future of Dalian Professional Football Club is bright. Good luck! Blessings!”