Cristiano Ronaldo crowned football goalscorer

By yqqlm yqqlm

Guangzhou Daily (All Media Reporter Zhou Wanqi) In the 17th round of Serie A in the early hours of Beijing time yesterday, Juventus defeated Saloso 3-1 and rose to fourth place in the standings. In the second minute of stoppage time, Danilo made a long pass from the backfield. Ronaldo broke into the penalty area and pushed into the net from a small angle 8 meters away from the goal to seal the victory for Juventus. This is the 1037 official matches between the C Ronaldo club and the national team with 759 goals (Portuguese sports 5 goals, Manchester United 118 goals, Real Madrid 450 goals, Juventus 84 goals, Portuguese national team 102 goals), tied with Bican, who scored 759 goals in 495 games, and tied for official matches in world football history The player with the most goals, Ronaldo is also the only player who has scored 15+ goals in the five major European leagues in the past 15 seasons. Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal is a landmark goal for himself and world football. At the same time, the events involved in this record only include officially certified official games, excluding friendly matches and other games, and the statistics include club and national team games. In any case, Ronaldo now only needs 1 ball to surpass Bican, behind them are Pele 757 ball, Romali Olympic ball 749, Puskas 746 ball, Messi 719 ball.