CUBA grassroots competition data released:11″double” champions in the same city derby most popular

By yqqlm yqqlm

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 15th. The Organizing Committee of the Chinese University Basketball League (CUBA) announced on the 15th the basic level game data. It lasted 3 months. The CUBA basic level game this season has recently concluded. There are more than 1,300 colleges and universities. More than 2,000 teams competed in 32 divisions to qualify for the regional competition, and a total of 11 colleges and universities won the men’s and women’s basketball championships in their divisions.

As the largest non-professional league in China, which is prudently promoted under the background of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the CUBA rooted in the campus is responsible for enriching the students’ after-school life and meeting the needs of online fans for watching high-quality games. Important task. The organizing committee conducted professional live broadcasts or light live broadcasts on mobile phones for all empty matches. On the premise that the prevention and control work is in place, a small number of venues will properly release tickets, so that the school audience can enter the stadium to watch the game.

Data shows that the number of matches in the key CUBA competitions of this season to online fans through mobile live broadcasts reached 3,208, accounting for 98.8%of the total number of live broadcasts, and more than 2 million people watched the rest; After being packaged in the venue, it was presented in a professional live broadcast, with a cumulative total of over 13 million ratings.

While providing high-quality event content, CUBA also painted a portrait of its own fans, forming a strong connection with offline fans through online interaction. In the profile data of fans at the grassroots level, men and women accounted for 63.5%and 36.5%respectively. Observing the age distribution data, it can be found that the post-95 (18-24) fans accounted for the absolute main force, exceeding 80%. From a geographical point of view, more than 55%of fans are located in second- and third-tier cities, and first-tier cities where key universities gather do not have the upper hand, accounting for only 14.8%.

It is understood that the same city derby is the most popular in the grassroots competition, among which the Dragon City Derby”Taiyuan University of Technologyvs Shanxi University”, the opening match”Huazhong University of Science and Technology vs Hubei University of Technology”,”Wuhan University of Technology vs Hubei University of Technology” which is also a Wuhan Derby, Kunming Derby”Yunnan University of Finance and Economics vs Yunnan Normal University” and the much-watched Wudaokou Derby”Tsinghua University vs Beijing” These five games of”University” ranked among the top five in the ratings of the grassroots games. (End)