Diving Olympic trials ends in Wuhan

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Xinhua News Agency, Wuhan, January 24th (Reporter Le Wenwan) The 2021 Tokyo Olympics and World Cup Trials (second stop) for the 2021 diving event ushered in the final round on the 24th. The celebrities played steadily and the Sichuan Zhouke players.Yang Jian and Hebei 209 player Wang Han won the men’s 10-meter springboard and women’s 3-meter springboard championship respectively.

Shi Tingmao, who won the women’s 3-meter springboard grand slam in the women’s 3-meter springboard semifinals held the day before.

Span> played stable and ranked first with 416.80 points, followed by Wang Han with 409.20 points. In the finals, Wang Han and Shi Tingmao both chose the same action in the five rounds, and the score was tight. In the end, Wang Han won the championship with a total score of 412.20 points, Shi Tingmao fell behind by 4.5 points and won the runner-up. Guangdong player Chen Yiwen ranked third with 385.20 points.

The semi-finals and finals of the men’s 10-meter platform are both staged on the 24th, which puts a greater test on athletes’ physical strength. In the final round of the competition, World Cup winner Yang Jian scored 104.55 points with a difficulty factor of 4.1 and finally won the championship with 595.80 points. Shandong player Lian Junjie and Guangdong player Chen Aisen won the runner-up and third runner-up. (End)

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