Excellent defense limits Jones on three-pointers and North Control beats Jilin

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Last night, in the 29th round of the regular season of the CBA contest, the Beijing Enterprises Men’s Basketball Team faced off against the recent 5-game winning streak of Jilin , Once again played in a good state, defeated the opponent 105 to 92, achieved two consecutive victories, please listen to the report of reporter Li Wei.

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Facing the Jilin team with super foreign aid Jones, the Beijing Controls Men’s Basketball Team continued the excellent state of the previous game last night, beating the opponent 105 to 92, Yu Changdong and Joseph Yang became the key players in the game.

Last night’s match was already the fourth time that Beikong and Jilin faced off this season. Jilin led 2-1 in the first three games. Especially the performance of the opponent’s foreign aid Jones always made it difficult for Beikong to defend. . Therefore, how to restrict Jones in this game has become a problem that the head coach of Beijing Enterprises Marbury must solve before the game.

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Sure enough, after the opening, the effective defense of the North Control made Jones’ offense not smooth, and the team has always controlled the rhythm of the game. Especially Joseph Young’s good touch on the three-point line also gave the team a 27-17 lead in the first quarter. In the second quarter, the Jilin team gradually found its shape and caught up with the score. Fortunately, Li Gen made two three-pointers at critical moments. Let Beijing Enterprises be in the lead again. Although the Beijing Controls occasionally slackened in the second two quarters, Marbury’s key moments of timeout stabilized the rhythm. At the end of the third quarter, the Beijing Controls basically established an advantage at 82 to 66, and also made the fourth quarter no suspense. .

In this game, Yu Changdong continued his excellent performance in the previous game. His eye-catching data of 21 points and 18 rebounds made his role in this team even more important. Regarding the team’s victory, Yu Changdong said:”From the beginning of the game, it was executed according to the coach’s pre-match arrangement. Especially the first two quarters were executed well. The second half was a little relaxed. We played very unitedly. Sun Yue’s The ability to block is one of the best in the league. Prince Ruila has had a diarrhea for a day and is still playing the game. Thank you very much to our teammates.”

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Of course, with regard to Jones’ defense, which is a problem that all teams in the CBA league have encountered, the North Control did a pretty good job yesterday, allowing Jones, who averaged nearly 40 points per game, to only score 26 points. Marbury said:”Through watching the last video, I found that Jones likes to hit the basket, this time let him pass the ball, not let him play it.”

In addition to excellent defense, In this game, the North Control also had full firepower on the offensive end, especially the three-pointer. The North Control made 17 shots in the game, and Joseph Young made 8 of 15 shots, effectively breaking the opponent’s defense. For the zone defense, we have also formulated some tactics to give players the opportunity to open three-pointers. More importantly, the players did not hesitate. Yang not only scored two three-pointers, but also when breaking the zone defense, breakthrough is still very important.” /p>

Fighting Shanghai and Jilin one after another, Beijing Enterprises have played in a good state. The team will face Guangdong at noon on Friday, and Marbury will face Du Feng. It will be another contest worth looking forward to.

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Source:Beijing Sports Broadcasting