exploded! The Ministry of Foreign Affairs speaks loudly! [News at 7 am]

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The news is seven o’clock in the morning, a quick glance at the national rule of law news

Wednesday, January 20, the eighth day of December in the lunar calendar


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs speaks loudly! On the evening of the 19th, a blockbuster from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs topped the Weibo search list. The spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hua Chunying said at a regular press conference that if the US really respects the facts, please open up Fort Detrick base, and disclose more facts on more than 200 biological laboratories overseas in the United States, please WHO experts Go to the United States to conduct traceability investigations.

It is reported that the new crown epidemic swept the United States in April 2020, and New York quickly became the “epicenter”. At the same time, in Fort Detrick, about 240 miles away, the US government is conducting experiments with dangerous pathogens. In addition to the thousands of local biological laboratories, the United States also has more than 200 military biological laboratories in 25 countries around the world. These laboratories have long faced various security problems. (CCTV News, Central Committee of the Communist Youth League)

Key news

1. The National Mine Safety Supervision Bureau conducts a comprehensive inspection of all non-coal mines The National Mine Safety Supervision Bureau issued a notice a few days ago, requiring strict prevention of goaf collapse, explosion, fire, water penetration, poisoning, suffocation, Focusing on accidents such as dam failure of tailings reservoirs, we will conduct a comprehensive inspection of all non-coal mines, focus on eliminating a number of major accidents, promote enterprises to fulfill their main responsibilities, eliminate loopholes in regulatory blind spots, and resolutely and effectively prevent and contain major accidents. (Xinhua News Agency)

2. The spokesperson of the National Bureau of Statistics talked about”cherry freedom” Recently,”cabbage is no longer the price of cabbage” and”Cherry Freedom” sparked heated debate. National Bureau of Statistics spokesperson Liu Aihua saw in a supermarket in Beijing:Chinese cabbage was 1.98 yuan per catty and Chilean cherries were 23.8 yuan per catty. Liu Aihua said that the price of cherries was”halved” because of the increase in supply; compared with the beginning of winter, the price of cabbage changed more because of”increased demand before the Spring Festival and increased costs of storage and transportation in winter.” (CCTV News)

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1. Take back the honor of”Zhejiang Only” from Beijing! The reporter exclusively connected with”The Most Beautiful Grassroots Police” Shen Yunru On January 18, the”Bright Name 2020 Most Beautiful Grassroots Police” selection event jointly organized by the Central Propaganda Department and the Ministry of Public Security was announced, Hongxing Bridge, Changxing County Public Security Bureau Police station policeman Shen Yunru was awarded the honorary title of”Most Beautiful Grassroots Policeman” in the country, the only one in the province. On the 19th, the reporter exclusively connected with Shen Yunru (Ping An Ding video number)

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2. Dongyang A batch of imported industrial accessories tested positive for the new coronavirus nucleic acid and did not flow out of the company. On January 19, according to Dongyang’s announcement:a batch of imported industrial accessories from Dongyangnew coronavirus was positive, the imported parts of this batch did not flow out of the company, and the nucleic acid tests of related personnel and all employees of the company were negative. Specific News》》》 (published by Dongyang)

3. Refresh the world record! Lishui discovers new global species Baishanzu horned toad At 10 am on the 19th, Lishui, Zhejiang holds a press release on biodiversity work At the meeting, it was announced that Lishui City had discovered a new species of amphibian-Baishanzu horned toad. The discovery of this new species adds a new member to the world’s amphibian family. (China Blue News)

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4. For the first time, the Zhejiang Maritime Police Bureau used Illegal mining crimes to investigate the criminal responsibility of persons transporting sea sandAccording to news from the Zhejiang Coastal Police Bureau on the 19th, two illegal mining cases were reported recently in the Wenzhou was sentenced in accordance with the law. This is the first time this year that the Zhejiang Maritime Police Bureau has prosecuted persons who transported sea sand for illegal mining. In May last year, the bureau seized two illegally transported sea sand ships in the waters of Lingkun Island, Wenzhou, and captured 17 crew members on the spot. More than 7,500 tons of sea sand. After investigation, the defendants Liu Mouyu and Lin Mou hired Lin Moujian and others without obtaining a mining license or sea area use right certificate. They have repeatedly arrived in a certain sea area in Fujian Province to steal sea sand and sell them for illegal profit. (Zhejiang News)

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hot spots

1. Huiyuan Juice Delisting According to the announcement issued by Huiyuan Juice (HK:01886), the Stock Exchange announced that the company’s listing status will be granted from 9:00 am on January 18, 2021 cancel. This also means that Huiyuan Juice will finally bid farewell to the capital market after one year after its listing status was cancelled. (Phoenix Finance)

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2. The physical condition of 11 trapped miners in the middle section of the Hushan gold mine in Qixia was announced. At 18:00 on January 19, the medical treatment team of the Qixia gold mine explosion accident learned that most of the trapped miners Miners improve their physical condition by supplementing them. Of the 11 trapped miners, 8 are in good physical condition, 2 have mild discomfort, and 1 is in critical condition due to a head shock in the explosion and is currently in a coma. According to reports from the trapped miners in the middle section of 5, a trapped miner in the middle section of the 6th section was also injured. The specific situation is not clear. (People’s Daily)

3. Qin Guangrong was sentenced to seven years in the first instance and fined 1.5 million! On January 19, the Chengdu Intermediate People’s Court of Sichuan Province publicly sentenced Qin Guangrong, vice chairman of the 12th National People’s Congress’s Internal Judicial Committee, on the case of accepting bribes and sentenced the defendant Qin Guangrong to seven years’ imprisonment for accepting bribes. A fine of RMB 1.5 million was imposed; the property and fruits obtained from Qin Guangrong’s bribery were recovered and turned over to the national treasury. Qin Guangrong expressed his obedience to the judgment in court and did not appeal. (Chengdu Intermediate People’s Court)

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4. A carbon monoxide poisoning accident occurred in a coal mine in Guizhou, killing 3 people On the 19th, a carbon monoxide poisoning accident occurred at the Ruifeng Coal Mine of Guizhou Zhongyi Jincaiqian Mining Co., Ltd., located in Xingsu Township, Dafang County, Bijie City, Guizhou Province. People were killed. According to the news from the Propaganda Department of Dafang County Party Committee, 47 people were on duty in the coal mine, 43 people were safely evacuated, and 4 people were lost. After full rescue, all the missing persons were searched and rescued out of the well at 12:44. Among them, the vital signs of one person stabilized and are being treated in the hospital. The remaining three persons have no vital signs. (Xinhua Viewpoint)

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5. Zhengzhou Market Supervision Bureau:The highest fine of 5 million yuan for driving up prices The Zhengzhou Market Supervision Bureau of Henan Province recently issued a market price supervision announcement, which will strengthen daily necessities such as grain, oil, meat, eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables, as well as masks, disinfection and epidemic prevention supplies Market price regulation. The notice shows that for violations of price laws and regulations, the illegal income will be confiscated in accordance with relevant regulations, and a fine of less than 5 times the illegal income will be imposed; if there is no illegal income, a fine of up to 5 million yuan will be imposed and typical cases will be exposed in time. If serious disruption of market order constitutes a crime, it will be transferred to the public security department for criminal responsibility in accordance with law. (CCTV News)


1. An avalanche occurred in a ski resort in Russia and 1 person diedAccording to Russian media reports, an avalanche occurred in a ski resort in Karachay-Cherkessia, Russia on the 18th, causing 1 death and at least 4 injuries , And several others may be buried under the snowdrift. In addition, a ski rental office and a restaurant were buried inside the site. (Xinhuanet)

2. A new variant strain found in a German hospital:different from the United Kingdom, South Africa and BrazilAccording to a report on the 18th by the US Political News website, Germany Bavaria State A new variant of the new coronavirus was discovered in a hospital. According to the report, 73 patients and medical staff of the hospital tested positive for the new coronavirus, and an unknown variant of the new coronavirus was found in the samples of 35 confirmed patients. The mutant strain of the new coronavirus found in the hospital is different from the United Kingdom, South Africa and Brazil. (Overseas Network)

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3. Thailand Prime Minister:Prohibition of private import of new crown vaccine by individuals and companies On January 19th local time, the Prime Minister of Thailand Prayut stated that at present, The new crown vaccine is a government-controlled drug, and individuals and companies are prohibited from importing the new crown vaccine privately. Before all new crown vaccines enter Thailand, they must pass the strict approval of the Thai National Food and Drug Administration, and can enter the Thai market under the premise of ensuring the safety of the vaccine. (CCTV News)

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Fun facts

1. Have a full winter! The woman picked up the chestnut in the cave and sent it back after learning that it might be squirrel winter food Recently, a woman in Liuyang in Hunan During the firewood, a hole was accidentally discovered. There were dozens of kilograms of chestnut piled in the hole. The woman moved the chestnut home and shared her”unexpected joy” on social platforms. But after netizens reminded that this might be squirrel’s winter food, the woman returned all the chestnuts and also gave a piece of sweet potato. Netizen:It is natural to find happiness, and to send it back is kind. (Quick look at the video)

2. The dog can only crawl on the ground because of its fat belly. It seems that he will have his abdomen when he walks in the future. Recently, a dog crawling on the ground while running has turned people around. When the”brothers and sisters” are running forward, a dog crawls slowly alone at the end of the team. According to the owner, the dog can only”creep forward” because of his gluttony, his belly is too fat and his hind legs cannot touch the ground. Netizen:Others are running, it is paddling. (People’s Video)

Source|| Ping An Ding

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