Fauci calls the 350,000 deaths from the new crown in the United States “real deaths”

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Fauci calls the 350,000 deaths from the new crown in the United States “real deaths”

“Death cases are real deaths,” Fauci is accepting Said in an interview with ABC News. “I mean, all you need to do is go to the’trenches’, to the hospital, and see what the medical staff are dealing with.”

“I think people need to be very clear, it’s not just Regarding death,” Adams told CNN. “It’s about hospitalization, ability. These cases are having an impact in a series of ways, and people need to understand that there is a finish line in front of them, but we must continue to run towards it.”

Health officials for COVID-19 Data defense is not uncommon. Whether it is the number of cases, the number of deaths, health measures, or vaccination information, viral propaganda on social media that promotes conspiracy theories and misinformation hinders the response to the epidemic. The seeds of distrust have been planted among the American people. In this case, two health experts were asked to respond to a tweet issued by President Trump earlier on Sunday, saying that the number of 350,000 deaths from the new crown in the United States is not accurate.

Fauci also said: “In many parts of the country, they (medical staff) are in a state of high pressure. Hospital beds have also been increased. Now people have insufficient beds and are well-trained. The staff is exhausted. This is real. It is not fake. It is real.”

Trump said in a tweet that compared with other countries, the United States has confirmed cases and deaths of new coronary pneumonia. The number of people is “far exaggerated”, calling the CDC report “ridiculous.”

Fauci calls the 350,000 deaths from the new crown in the United States “real deaths”(1)

The United States reported nearly 300,000 cases last Saturday The newly confirmed cases of new crowns set a new record. In the same interview with ABC, Fauci used different words to talk about this number.

“There are 300,000 cases in one day, and 2,000 to 3,000 people die every day, which is terrible,” he said. “I mean, this is indeed the case. I mean, there are no figures to escape. This is something we absolutely have to grasp. Let us unite and take this turning point through very intensive adherence to nationally unified public health measures. Turn it down, there are no exceptions.”

Fauci explained that including factors such as the winter forcing more people to stay indoors, increased travel during holidays, and inconsistent adherence to public health measures, “all these factors are unfortunate The earth created a very terrible situation.”

When asked what he thought of Trump’s tweets, Adams responded, “From a health point of view, I have no reason to doubt these numbers.”

Fauci and Adams both talked about vaccination activities, which did not reach the 2020 estimates. They said that this year’s vaccination is stepping up, and the United States has already received 1.5 million doses of vaccine in the first three days of this year.