Fauci:finally liberated

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According to a report by the US”Capitol Hill” on the 21st local time, on Thursday, Anthony Fauci (Anthony Fauci) said, After working for the former president Trump, serving under President Biden is a kind of”liberation.”

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At the White House press conference, someone asked Fauci whether he felt”less restrained” in the new administration after he clashed with Trump last year and was eventually excluded.

Fauci said:”I can tell you that I don’t like to contradict the president’s statement at all. You will feel that you cannot say something, and (saying it) will have no result. You can stand here and talk about what you know-evidence and science-letting science speak. This idea is a liberating feeling.”

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Fauci appeared in By Biden (Source:Foreign media)

The report mentioned that as the Trump administration’s public spokesperson for the new crown epidemic , Fauci became a national star. But he eventually had a disagreement with Trump, who often played down the virus and issued unconfirmed statements about “magic” drugs such as hydroxychloroquine.

Fauci said:“It is obvious that the claims about hydroxychloroquine and other similar drugs are uncomfortable because they have no basis in scientific facts.” He said that his willingness to break with Trump is”I sometimes get into trouble for reasons”, but he doesn’t have the same concerns about working for Biden.

Fauci said:”Just 15 minutes ago, when I was with the President (Biden), one thing was very clear, that is, what we have to do is to be completely transparent, open and Honest. If something goes wrong, it’s not to blame everywhere, but to correct the mistakes, so that everything we do is based on science and evidence.”

CNN He pointed out that although Trump insisted that he respected Fauci during his tenure in the new crown virus task force, he did not agree with Fauci’s approach. When their relationship was at a low point, Trump hinted that he was considering firing Fauci. Trump supporters also issued”death threats” to Fauci.

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Fauci, who attended the COVID-19 conference with Trump (Source:Foreign Media)

The situation is completely different now. After Biden announced that the United States had rejoined the World Health Organization, Fauci addressed the World Health Organization on behalf of the US government. A few hours later, in the state banquet hall, Biden and Fauci greeted each other warmly, and then Biden signed a series of administrative measures aimed at fighting the new crown epidemic. Fauci also became the first administrative department expert to stand in the briefing room of the White House under the new government.

Source:Global Times

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