Former French figure skating coach accused of sexual assault, several teenage female players raped

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Former French figure skating coach Beye was formally arrested and investigated for multiple sexual assaults and rapes. Among them, Abibo, the star player who won the French championship ten times, played a key role.

In 2020, in his new book”Long Silence”, Abibo accused the former coach Beyer of sexually assaulting her from 1990 to 1992, and she was underage.”I’m very happy. I can breathe a sigh of relief now. My words are beginning to produce results. This makes me very excited because I have worked hard for this for 30 years,” said Abibo.

Beye, who is 62 years old, once admitted in writing that he”has an intimate and improper relationship” with Abibo and expressed his”apologies” to Abibo, but Abibo refused to accept Beye’s apology ,”Those concealed responsibilities will be exposed, both in clubs and skating federations.”

After Abibo exposed Beyer’s scandal, the Paris Prosecutor’s Office once launched these remarks The initial investigation is aimed at verifying other potential victims. As a result, many athletes, including Goddard, DeTante and the 2014 French youth champion Mahmoud, all filed accusations of being raped by Beye. Goddard said that when she was 13 or 14 years old in the late 1970s, Beye raped her twice.

It is reported that Beye was already under criminal detention by the Paris police last Wednesday, but he was released on Friday. According to analysis, it may be due to the statute of limitations in France and cannot be prosecuted now. Ye’s lawyer refused to express any comments.

In fact, when the sexual assault incident was first exposed, the president of the French Skating Federation Guy Laguet was ordered to resign. He repeatedly said that he “had no knowledge” about the Abibo incident and that he was just “negligence”. Without”making a mistake”, it caused widespread dissatisfaction. In fact, not only Beye, but also many figure skating coaches have also been asked by different athletes for sexual assault, harassment or blackmail. In the French figure skating world, Abibo’s new book has caused a huge noise, leading to more sex scandals being exposed.

As the French champion in 1978, Beye served as the coach of the French figure skating team after retiring and later took charge of a Paris skating club. As early as 2000, the French Skating Federation received some news that athletes’ parents wrote to complain against Beye. Although the French Skating Federation had forwarded some of these letters to the Minister of Sports, and then the court filed a case for investigation, but later it ended without a problem.

Source:Netease Sports