Former U.S. military officers proposed to form an alliance with Russia against China. Russian expert:Isn’t this provoke…

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The former U.S. Navy officer proposed to form an alliance with Russia against China, Russian expert:Absurd provocation!

Russian”Free Media” article on January 11, original title:The United States considers alliance with Russia against China. The United States can cooperate with the United Kingdom and form an alliance with Russia to counter the proposed China-EU alliance. Today, this scenario has been seriously discussed in the American media-even though it may seem surrealistic. The US”Capitol Hill” recently published an”interesting” article written by former US Navy officer James Durso. He believes that the best situation in the future is for the United States and Europe to form an alliance to jointly confront Russia and China, but the reality is that”we see that the EU has established an alliance with China. This means that the United States needs to consider a new geopolitical structure. An alliance with Russia may be a good way. The reasons are:First of all, Russia is like a”little brother” in its relations with China, which is detrimental to dignity. And becoming a participant in the”Three Nations Alliance” with the United States and Britain will enjoy higher prestige for Russia. During World War II, the three countries had They are allies and can use the memory of history to build new alliances. In addition, traditionally a large part of the Russian elite is culturally biased towards the West, and their close relationship with China is regarded as compelling and temporary.

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‘s views on this article, Director of the Russian Geopolitical Appraisal Center Valery Korovin warned:”The establishment of an imaginary alliance with the United States and Britain will inevitably cause huge losses to Russia. The proposal looks more like a provocation that completely contradicts geopolitical logic. It is abnormal for Russia to establish any alliance with the West, let alone with the United States. This will be the geopolitical event that led to the collapse of Russia. The United States never abides by the rules. We better stay away from the United States, Britain and the European Union. The proposal is absurd and it is to provoke Moscow to abandon its position. We have experienced such a thing in the 1990s, when Russia was almost on the verge of collapse.”

With regard to the establishment of a partnership between the EU and China, Korovin believes that the China-EU Union is completely logical. For a long time, the EU has been dragged down by its ally with the United States. The United States has allowed the EU to submit to its geopolitical will, Culture and civilization control. This is a shame for Europe, which is the origin of Western civilization. China never imposes its own methods on others. From this perspective, China is the most suitable partner, and the economy of China and Europe The strength is roughly equal. Cooperation with China, the EU is not dangerous.

As for the so-called Russia is China’s”little brother”, it may be economically. But cooperating with the United States, Russia is destined to always be a servant. , Will never become brothers. And in geopolitics, Russia as the center of Europe and Asia has greater initiative than China, so it can cooperate with China on an equal basis. It is true that Russia needs to consider its own economic interests when cooperating with China, but China Obviously more reliable than the United States and Britain. Some Russian elites are indeed biased towards the West in their thinking. However, in history, the pro-Western complex has led to Russia’s failure, so it is necessary to eliminate it.

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