Gansu’s “Radio Guard” on the top of the mountain: 30 years of loneliness and persevering, protecting radio and television broadcasts with zero errors

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China News Service, Lanzhou, January 12 (Zhou Jianhui and Wu Wenxuan) Lie from the mountain, lying on the south of Lingtai County, Pingliang City, Gansu Province. Lingtai Radio and Television Hujiayuan FM Television Broadcasting Station is located on the top of the mountain. The dazzling radio and television transmission tower rises into the clouds, like a gleaming silver “Optimus Prime.”

Sun Chongji is the check-in officer of the relay station stationed here at Lingtai County Radio and Television Station. In order to ensure the safe broadcast of the program, he monitors the real-time broadcast effect and observes the operating status of the equipment in the computer room 24 hours a day for more than 30 years.

The safe broadcast of radio and television has maintained zero errors. This is the biggest affirmation of the “radio wave guard” Sun Chongji stationed here by the monitoring center of the Gansu Radio, Film and Television Bureau. On the top of this uninhabited, quiet and desolate mountain, Sun Chongji has remained at the front line of humble work for 30 years.

Gansu’s “Radio Guard” on the top of the mountain: 30 years of loneliness and persevering, protecting radio and television broadcasts with zero errors

The picture shows Sun Chongji repairing the circuit. Photo by Zhou Jianhui

Thirty years of loneliness under the transmission tower.

In 1990, Sun Chongji, who was just in his early 20s, came to this place with a special feeling for the broadcasting and TV work. The TV relay station in the wild mountains and ridges became the check-in attendant.

Sun Chongji still remembers the first day when he came to the broadcast station. On the empty and lonely mountain, he set up the stove in the smoke and fire, roasted the steamed buns, and used the donkey to bring the mountain spring water. , Boiled rice porridge, and started his own work with pickles.

For a young man who has just arrived here, his life is boring and boring. In this lifeless mountain, he feels pessimistic about his life. “When I first started working, I was stunned by the harsh environment here.” Sun Chongji said, it was his colleague Guo Linghui who had been in the business for more than 20 years who taught him to carry out his daily work, and enlightened and encouraged him.

With his proficiency in his business, Sun Chongji, who is on the right track, gradually walked out of the haze of thoughts and buried his little emotions. “Don’t look at this seemingly ordinary job. Whether the people of the county can watch TV or not is controlled by a few of us on duty.” Sun Chongji said with emotion: “Keep the broadcast station so that everyone can watch and listen to TV. Broadcasting, he feels at ease.”

Gansu’s “Radio Guard” on the top of the mountain: 30 years of loneliness and persevering, protecting radio and television broadcasts with zero errors(1)

The picture shows Sun Chongji (middle) Dinner with colleagues at the station. Photographed by Zhou Jianhui

Remove hardships and dangers without hindrance to ensure broadcast safety

Usually, only Sun Chongji and Guo Linghui are broadcasters. For the convenience of work, Lao Sun also raised a dog. In this place far away from the crowd, loneliness is the hardest thing for Lao Sun and them. Especially when it’s late at night, when the wind is rustling, the old grandson misses his family twice.

As a check-in member of the broadcast station, he must stand in front of the TV in the monitoring room, monitor the broadcast of the program, and dare not relax. Their work is not a simple “gatekeeper” as people imagine. Lao Sun and his colleagues not only have to stay in the monitoring room 24 hours a day to monitor the real-time broadcast effect on the big screen of the TV, but also monitor the running status of the machine by observing the instrumentation of the equipment in the computer room and densely packed indicator lights.

At first, Sun Chongji didn’t know what to do with the change in the color of the indicator light or the indicator. Facing the dilemma of lack of technology, he consulted his master on the one hand, taught himself on the other, started from the most basic operating procedures, learned from the most basic radio professional knowledge, and became an expert in broadcasting stations through the accumulation of time.

During daily work, when there was a problem with the antenna on the transmission tower, Lao Sun had to risk climbing the 50-meter-high tower for high-altitude operations; in the event of a power outage, even in the dark night Start the generator set immediately to restore power supply. Sometimes, he even crosses the dense forest, passing the ancient tomb Huangzhai to inspect the signal transmission line.

30 years of wind and rain, 30 years of wind and frost, picturesque, on the verdant Nanshan, the old sun sprinkled the sweat all the way, leaving behind a string of youthful footprints. Monitoring, monitoring, patrolling, recording… “Radio Guard” Sun Chongji’s day’s work is so monotonous and boring, but he is always dedicated and hardworking.

The conditions on the mountain are very difficult, with mosquito bites in summer and cold in winter. The daily necessities and food depended on him and his colleagues from the back of the mountain. During the interview, Lao Sun said: “The road up the mountain used to be just a small path. You could only walk. The noodles, buns, and vegetables were all on your shoulders. In rainy and snowy weather, the roads are closed and rely on eaves water and melting snow for cooking. , That is commonplace”.

The sound of the flute teasing sentimental lovesickness: Give it to the mountain for half a lifetime

During the exchange, Sun Chongji felt very guilty when talking about his wife. He stays on the mountain all year round and cannot take care of his home. The single and weak wife not only provokes the burden of the family, but also waits on the old mother. In addition to taking care of the daily life of the children, taking on the family’s field work, and occasionally going up the mountain to deliver meals to her husband.

On the 30th of the New Year in 2020, it was Sun Chongji’s turn to be on duty. He and his colleagues had a New Year’s Eve dinner quietly. At this moment, the sound of firecrackers in the county seated one after another, and the villages on the opposite side of the mountain were filled with warmth. “Bitterness and loneliness are nothing. What I fear most is the New Year period.” Sun Chongji said.

After dialing the phone, he called out “Mom” to his 80-year-old mother, and tears burst into his eyes. This is not only a deep attachment, but also a manifestation of professionalism.

In the more than 30 years of working at Gaoshan Terrace, the unit leader considered giving him a job in the city, but Sun Chongji refused. He said frankly that he had been tempted, but got used to the work and life here, and finally chose to stick to it.

The mountains and forests are quiet, and people are rare. When he was in a panic, Sun Chongji walked to the top of the mountain and overlooked the bustling scene of the county town. He used his flute to convey his thoughts and greetings to his family. (End)