Gao Lin was elected”Guangdong Footballer” and Xie Qiwen was named”Guangdong Miss Football”

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Yangcheng Evening News reporter Lin Benjian

The”2020 Guangqi Honda·Guangdong Football Annual Selection Activity” was announced recently. Shenzhen Kaisa Team captain Gao Lin was elected as the new “Guangdong Footballer”, Meizhou Hakka Women’s Football Team RookieXie Qiwen was awarded the new”Miss Guangdong Football”.

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Gao Lin joined Shenzhen Football Club as a free agent last season. In the 2020 Super League season, Gao Lin, as the captain and assistant coach, gave full play to his veteran experience in the Super League, contributed 1 assist for the Shenzhen Football Club and scored 6 goals, and contributed to the team’s relegation.

In 2010, Gao Lin joined Guangzhou Evergrande. During his time at Evergrande, he played 344 games for Evergrande. In the game, he scored 93 goals and contributed 94 assists. Together with the Evergrande team, he won 1 Chinese Premier League, 8 Chinese Super League championships and 2 AFC Champions League championships.

This selection was shortlisted for”Guangdong Football Player” not only has many Chinese and Super famous players, but also Goulart, Alan, Jiang Guangtai, Fernando, Exxon and other five major naturalized players, but whether it’s online voting or experts, According to media votes, Gao Lin’s total number of votes is the highest, and the award is well deserved.

Gao Lin is currently participating in winter training with Shenzhen Football Club in Kunming and is very happy to learn that he has won the honor of”Guangdong Footballer” for the first time.

He said that he has played for Guangdong professional football for 11 seasons, and the brightest moment of his career was spent in Guangdong. Therefore, this award is a full affirmation of his football life. He will use this award to motivate himself to continue to work hard and strive to give full play to the experience and role of the veteran. In the new season, the journey of the Chinese Super League Make new contributions.

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=62a40ec54d250b9beb2dab26128164fb - Gao Lin was elected"Guangdong Footballer" and Xie Qiwen was named"Guangdong Miss Football"

Born in 1999 in Guangdong Meizhou Hakka women’s football new striker Xie Qiwen is from Conghua, Guangzhou. In 2018, Xie Qiwen was elected as the”Miss Guangdong Football” for the first time because of her outstanding performance in the U20 Women’s World Cup.

In last year’s Women’s Super League, Xie Qiwen scored 6 goals for the Guangdong Meizhou Hakka Women’s Football Team and was the team’s first scorer. As a young player, Xie Qiwen said that there is still a lot of room for improvement in her experience and abilities. The award this time is not just a personal honor, but the culmination of the hard work of all the players of the Guangdong Women’s Football Team in the past season.

This year, Xie Qiwen will continue to represent the Guangdong Meizhou Hakka Women’s Football Team in the Women’s Super League and the National Games. She said that she will train harder and strive to help the Guangdong women’s football team achieve better results this year, and she hopes to put on the Chinese women’s football team as soon as possible. The robe inherits the spirit of”sonous rose”.

The selection event is organized by Guangdong Wanli Celebrity Football Club. It aims to make a comprehensive inventory of the achievements of Guangdong football every year, and commend more outstanding local football organizations and individuals for the past achievements of Guangdong football. The contribution made by the development of the year.