General news:Guangdong wins Sichuan wins, Shanghai Lectra Xinjiang only loses streak

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Xinhua News Agency, Jinan, January 13th (Reporter Xiao Haichuan) 2020-2021 season Chinese Men’s Basketball Professional League (CBA) 13 The last four games of the 29th round of the regular season were played on Japan. Guangdong played back Sichuan and won two consecutive victories. Shanghai withstood Xinjiang’s final counterattack and stopped the two-game losing streak. Guangsha and Tianjin defeated Fujian and Tongxi respectively.

The Guangdong team’s victory came with some twists and turns. Their offensive firepower was blocked in the first half, and the Sichuan team led by 51:48 at the end of the half. But in the second half, the Guangdong team showed a strong ability to adjust on the spot. After entering the final quarter, the Sichuan team became more and more powerless, while the Guangdong team dominated the game and eventually defeated Sichuan 114:88. Li Yuanyu’s 14 points are already the highest score in the Sichuan team. The Guangdong team scored in double figures with 5 players. Ren Junfei had the highest 25 points and guard Hu Mingxuan had a double-double with 15 points and 10 rebounds. which performed.

The turning point of the match between Xinjiang and Shanghai occurred in the third quarter. At the beginning of the game, the Xinjiang team, which maintained the lead, made frequent mistakes, felt cold outside, and missed many free throws, which gradually turned the balance of victory toward the opponent. The more and more courageous Shanghai team withstood the Xinjiang team’s counterattack in the final quarter, defeating the opponent 110:97, out of the shadow of two consecutive defeats. In this game, Xinjiang’s field goal percentage of less than 30%made Motai Yunas’s 31 points and 21 rebounds in vain. Fredette and Deng Meng teamed up to score 62 points for Shanghai.

Faced with Guangsha, Fujian, which was weak in strength, quickly revealed its defeat. After the first quarter of the game, it fell behind its opponent by 18:41. In the following two quarters, the Fujian team barely maintained the point difference without being further widened, but lost a net 16 points in the final quarter, and finally lost 101:139 to Guangsha. Except for Chen Linjian, Nicholson, and Gordon, other players of the Fujian team performed poorly. In Guangsha, 5 people scored in double figures, and Radulica had a”triple-double” performance with 30 points, 11 assists and 13 rebounds.

Tong Xi was pulled down by Tianjin, who was at the bottom of the ranking. Tianjin this campaign has a good feel, the team made 16 three-pointers 32 times. With a 17-point margin in the final quarter, Tianjin reversed to win 106:94. Tongxi’s foreign aid Moore Trikong scored a game-high 35 points and 13 rebounds.

Three games of the 30th round will be played on the 14th. Zhejiang played against Beijing, Longshi vs. Shanxi, Shenzhen vs. Liaoning. (End)