“Guangzhou Team” passed the industrial and commercial approval,”Hengda” officially retired

By yqqlm yqqlm

The reform of neutral names for clubs and teams stipulated by the Chinese Football Association shall be submitted on December 31, 2020 in accordance with regulations. So far, 80%of the new club names in the third-tier league meet the relevant requirements. The much-watched Guangzhou Evergrande team has confirmed that it will be changed to”Guangzhou Team“. In the new season, fans will have to call Evergrande” Guangzhou team”.

The Chinese Football Association recently announced that more than 80%of the new names of clubs in the third-level league meet the relevant regulations. It is reported that Guangzhou Evergrande is among them, the eight-time champion team of the Super League has been renamed”Guangzhou Team”. In November last year, the Chinese Football Association formally introduced a requirement for club teams to change their neutral names. The Guangzhou Evergrande team, as always, has a keen sense of smell and started the process of renaming early. The club collected dozens of names through the internal solicitation of fans, and finally selected 10 neutral names and reported them to the boss Xu Jiayin.

Boss Xu directly selected the”Guangzhou Team” out of 10 candidates. Boss Xu’s meaning is obvious, the Evergrande team is the representative of Guangzhou football. In fact, from the inheritance of Guangzhou football, Evergrande is indeed the mantle of Guangzhou football. From the earliest”Baiyun Mountain” to the”Sun God” at the early stage of professionalization, to the later Geely, Rizhiquan, Xiangxue Pharmaceutical, Guangyao and Evergrande have inherited the history of this most authentic Guangzhou team. Therefore, Guangzhou Sports Bureau, Guangzhou Football Association, Guangzhou media and Guangzhou fans all recognized the”Guangzhou team” selected by Evergrande. Although R&F in the same city also wanted to compete for the”Guangzhou team”, in the face of Evergrande, which was the first to make it, they could only choose”Guangzhou City”.

After Evergrande selected the name”Guangzhou Team”, it also asked the Chinese Football Association. After learning that this name could pass the customs, Evergrande actively began to register with the Industrial and Commercial Bureau. Although it encountered some twists and turns, it was finally recognized. On January 6, in the information display of the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System, Evergrande has successfully changed its name to”Guangzhou Football Club Co., Ltd.”, which means that Evergrande’s name change has been approved by the Industrial and Commercial Bureau.

Hengda is only one step away from the success of its name change, and that is the announcement of the Chinese Football Association. And this point is actually just fulfilling the procedure. There is no suspense when Evergrande team changed to”Guangzhou team”.