Harden:It will be a terrible moment when Irving comes back

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The Nets 122-115 defeated Magic won 3 consecutive victories, James Harden scored 32 points, 12 rebounds, 14 assists, 4 steals and 9 turnovers in his debut.

After the game, Harden accepted an interview. He said:”I am a basketball player, I am very selfless, and I do my best to win. Our team has some special talents, very comprehensive. Once Our chemistry will be very crazy.”

Harden was angry with his 9 turnovers. He said that the next game will better balance scoring and passing. He said:”I play in the right way, at least I work so hard. No matter who has hot hands, then he should get the ball.”

Talking about Carey-Owen, Harden said:”I’m so excited that Carey is back. He is the key to our goal. Once we can play together, it will be a terrible moment.”< /p>

Harden said he would give Landry Shamet some good gifts and thank him for giving up the number 13 jersey:”I believe he will post my gift on social media.”

Speaking of the new club, Harden said:”From top to bottom, incredible team. It feels incredible, I hope you can feel it from my smile and from my game.”