Hebei Huaxia Fortune plans to rename”Hebei Football Club”

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The form on the change of neutral names of Chinese football clubs that was circulated on the Internet two days ago has now been confirmed. Chinese Super League Hebei China Fortune Club said that among the three candidate names, it is more inclined to”Hebei Football Club” and the relevant procedures are actively operating.

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The Chinese Football Association passed the three plans of China Fortune to change the name, respectively They are”Hebei Football Club”,”Hebei Professional Football Club” and”Hebei Jizhilong Football Club”. Among them, the first two options actually don’t have a club name. The name”Football Club” appeared, and the third option was not universally recognized. In this situation, China Fortune Land Development finally chose”Hebei Football Club” as the new name. A very important reason is that this name continues the history of Hebei football. In 2010, China Fortune Land Development, the predecessor of Hebei Zhongji Club, was established to fight. The team of the National Games is the team, no matter from history, inheritance, and uniqueness.

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Of course, registering for”Hebei Football Club” is not easy Because it does not meet the administrative requirements for the change of company name, it needs to be applied separately and approved by the province. However, now the whole province, especially the provincial capital Shijiazhuang, is making every effort to combat the new crown epidemic, and the approval process may be affected to some extent, so the official name change still needs to be patient.

It is understood that among the Super League teams, Guangzhou Evergrande has successfully registered as the”Guangzhou Football Club”, Jiangsu SuningUsing”Jiangsu Football Club Co., Ltd.”, Shenzhen Kaisa’s”Shenzhen Football Club Co., Ltd.” has been registered earlier. If China Fortune’s application is approved, this year the Super League will have at least the Hebei team, Guangzhou team, Shenzhen team and Jiangsu team are four clubs named after their location.

(Xuguang Yandurong Media Reporter)